Angry farmer gets revenge on the cops with a giant tractor (16 Photos)


  • waltgator

    that guy…rocks!

  • Jack

    Funny how so many people hate the cops, but the second shit goes down, they're the first you call.

  • Anomanom

    And I bet he was high as fuck with NWA on in the cab the whole time.

  • Makay Cliett

    Easy to run from the cops after you crush their cars!!

  • hubbabubba

    is that P-Nut from 311?

  • Zuke

    That's right, fuck the police!

    My hatred for the police (not really the police themselves, but our system that gives them so much power with so little oversight and allows them and their families/friends to be borderline immune to facing penalties for breaking the law in any way short of murder just so long as nobody in the public manages to make a big enough deal about it, and even more so just our justice system in general. People aren't the problem; you'll always have crooked self serving assholes and/or bullies anywhere no matter what. It's making it so that they can run wild with no fear of consequences that's the problem. I'm trying to avoid letting this balloon into a full on rant, because it always seems to when I'm thinking of law enforcement…) aside, stuff like this always ends up badly because you know the news sites are going to plaster "Man smashes police cars with tractor over marijuana charges", and clowns are going to look at it and go "Look at those stoners! They're so dumb and crazy!", because that's almost always how it works.

    Of course logically just because there are sorta crazy people who use certain drugs doesn't mean the drug had anything to do with it, or that they should have been using it in the first place if they weren't very stable, but logic doesn't factor into a depressingly large number of people's thinking.

  • SupraJeeper

    Tractor's not even that big. Should have used an articulated four wheel drive, like a 9370 or something. That really would have flattened those cruisers.

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  • Ashley Ivie

    Epic maybe if they would legalize the shit and make ciggs illegal they actually kill people pot does not! I think this guy is quite funny and he probably enjoys doing time for what he did or he would not have done it!

  • provolone

    Peon (pion) his name is really Peon?

  • Eric

    The government should not have a say in what he wants to do with his own consciousness. Clearly this guy was infact a hick but props for standing up for what you beleive in. If people fuck with something of mine they have no business in I would retaliate 10x harder too.

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