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  • Maffu

    #49 Call it Roadkill?

  • James Hinchey

    #40 Geeze Louise Papa Cheese

  • CanadianPiper


  • Phil

    name for cat:


  • Tim

    #42 thank God she wasn't trying to learn kick boxing!!!

  • tnrchr

    #40 made my day! please MOAR!!

  • rick


    Just call him Truck.

  • anon

    "Pit stop" ?

  • Dave

    #38 you are so beautiful, please dont leave us again!!

  • fubarmax

    #40 Best. Post. Ever!

  • Michael Martinez

    How about "Tomcat Rarrrr."

  • Gallus

    #49 – You found him under a truck, so the first name that pops into my mind is "Mac."

  • Bob

    #19, #30, #38…Breathtaking bodies here. Good lord.

  • Bryce

    Your already out of fire dept shirts… Someone help a fire fighter out please!!!

  • noelmarquez

    #28#40 nice

  • 2cool4skool

    #31 Must be a magical lake to make his reflection several times larger than it should be. He also appears to be in HDR, unlike the rest of the picture.

  • moeshere foxdale

    #51 Ok…hon thanks…I'm so going to have to TAPITure….hehe…

  • Jacob Walthall

    #19 Please let me bite your ass and then split an ice cream with me

  • Fabrizzio Valderrama

    Kitty Furry Murray


    I think you are perfect!

  • 49 is dumb

    #49 Oh my God you rescued a kitten? Do you want a cookie? I hate people like you…"Look at this rescue I got!"
    "Going to get a rescue today!!!"

    No, you found a cat under a truck. It was probably a stray cat that was doing just fine on it's own and you took it from it's mother. You didn't "rescue" anything, the same way people who get animals from pounds didn't "rescue" them.

  • chefchrisg

    #49 Pants?

  • Me, baby, me!

    Name the cat “Chiver”

  • Uncle_Milty

    #40 my eyes almost dried out because I forgot to blink!

  • Justin Porter

    #39 roadkill

  • Justin Porter

    #49 roadkill

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