I wish I’d been there for these beautiful moments (39 photos)

  • fresh.ta.death

    #35. Mind blown.

    • usain bolt

      Why is this a thing? A hard boiled egg?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

    #12 Soon!

  • HOOK

    #34, makes for one sweet Oreo, my my.

    • steve


      • sfb101

        Yep, completely. Same girl on the left and right. Maybe twins… I don't think so.

        • john v.

          whatever it is, it's just too good to be true.

      • Heywood Jablomi

        Not shopped. The hair is different and the pattern on the bags is the same, not reversed. And why complain? Three nice humps are better than two.

        • Rudyb

          100% definitely shopped. the bottles may have been on a different layer, and the hair could have been edited. I opened the photo up in photoshop, flipped one and laid it over the other – they line up absolutely perfectly. No doubt about it

    • FunKiller

      They better be careful of those pinecones….those things hurt like a muhfucker when you step on them barefoot.

  • Ethix_

    #22 #23 #28 …I wouldn't want to be anywhere near these.

    • John

      I think being near #28 would be cool, but I like the big booms at fireworks more than the visuals.

  • casey


    • Manny


  • crazydog

    wtf there are no women making out with each other in this feature!!!!!!

  • hi mom

    #8 what is going on in this sequence?

    • Moop

      She got caught staring big time

    • darkSurge

      Girl is eyeing his junk as he is removing his pants.

    • Waarder

      Oh and if you dont know, then your defensively are not a chiver.

      • Matt

        Come on now, there are no stupid questions. Only stupid trolls trying to make people feel bad with their made-up logic and patently indefensible spelling errors.

        • FunKiller

          The gif was in an earlier gallery….it showed more.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      I can only imagine how much teasing this girl is gonna get if her fellow volunteers ask:
      "We all caught you looking,
      ya hooked-up with Bolt yet?"

      • sandy astroglide

        Yeah, and it was all over in 9.63 seconds.

  • Guy

    I could do #26 all day

  • rvc123

    #39 The best way to pick up women.

    • Big_James

      Yeah I think she just said "take me home please."

    • rsjem1979

      Being a professional athlete and multi-millionaire? Yeah, I'd say that has a 100% success rate.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jim.brady.9822 Jim Brady

      He fell right into my season-ticket seats…..just wish I had not sold them that night.

    • Drew

      I think i hear a waterfall…

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      What's the story here?

    • Mak

      Thats that chicks "O" face. She looks like she is ready to blow.

      • 98409

        christ, you all sound like such virgins…….

    • gwip
      • Evil Dung Beetle

        Thank you. Out of context without the leap. Just some guy with a ball in a mitt at a game.

  • Woop

    #39 So cute, please find?

    • MonkeyMadness

      He's out of your league.

      • Punchdrunk

        What a 'Man Whore'…He's as shocked as the Chick….KCCO Johnny.

    • Luke

      Its Danneel Ackles if you were wondering… shes married.

      • Flee

        ummmmm…..pretty sure you are just making this up…looks nothing like her

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      Look for the seat along that sideline with the huge wet spot…that's her seat.


    • http://freshdub.tumblr.com KCO617

      Well we're going to have to go back a few years in time to find her at her peak cuteness…or she'll be about 7-11 years aged (been 11 years since he signed with the sox).

      • dj name

        indians jersey

      • a-nom

        This actually happened a few weeks ago. Great diving catch into the stands during a game between the Indians v. Orioles…As a fellow bostonian, you should know better that the lettering on Damon's jersey looks nothing like a sox jersey.

      • Mattyboh

        He's wearing an Indians uniform…

    • Visitohr

      Hot, nice smile and SHE SAVED THE BEER. Keeper.

  • BigPup

    #5 #34 Beautiful alright!…

  • Nicky B


  • BigPup

    #1 That looks like John in the front row, keeping calm and chiving on since before he was alive.

    • Todd

      That's Big Jay McNeely with the sax.

  • frankie

    #37 wears same shirt two days in a row, HA!

    • Big Red

      Free straw glasses, where the F can I get mine?!?!?

    • MonkeyMadness

      He said "My day before I checked the mail" NOT "The day before I checked my mail"

      • frankie

        Right you are sir, the grammar is a bitch.

    • Paul_In_Ohio

      Straw glasses and flashing the 'shocker'…nice

  • Anonymous

    #14 Good work Jimbo. #39 Good work Damon FIND HER!!!!

  • skineepuppy

    #8 i saw that that chick was str8 up eye effing bolt when he got undressed

    • NothingToSeeHere

      There is no mistaking that look. She knew what she wanted.


    #37 I wish I had straw glasses…

  • rikooprate

    #14 Good work Jimbo. #39 Good work Johnny. FIND HER!!!

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      Someone get Jimbo a KCCO shirt…"no child should ever be without a bike in the summer." Quote of the day…


    • mickey

      Was shown to be a crock o'shit…doesn't need to be here…

  • blazindave


  • http://informedguy.com/2012/08/08/i-wish-id-been-there-for-these-beautiful-moments-39-photos/ I wish I’d been there for these beautiful moments (39 photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

    […] Visit site: I wish I’d been there for these beautiful moments (39 photos) […]

  • Pixelator

    Sorry #34 is shopped.

    • HoratioBoobles

      the two brunetttes seem to be mirror images, but the hair is a bit off. Not sure if the blond is the same or not, foot looks bigger.

      • http://www.facebook.com/nate.woodard.35 Nate Woodard

        Who gives fucks? All I see is three hot asses.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jonny.napolitano Jonny Napolitano

      look closer at the picture instead of the asses. i dont think its shopped. look at the hair over the shoulders

  • NSJ

    #4 makes me bawl like a baby.

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      I can't comprehend having to leave that little person behind. God bless and watch over everyone who serves.


      • Jimmy C

        How about we just bring all our boys and girls home?

    • ps86

      it would only let me like this comment one time

    • kgc

      I just pray those are tears of joy on his return, not of sadness at his departure. But thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving, sir.

    • Ed Jones

      Actually, guys, I think he's just home. Seems as though I've seen this shot and read an explanation. But, coming or going, what a great moment. My oldest just turned 29 and I still tear up thinking about the first time I held her. God watch over and protect our warriors.

    • toocoolforschool

      I now have a daughter (and another on the way) and I cannot begin to comprehend the reality of the sacrifices made by our troops everyday

    • Chelsea

      That picture is of my bestfriends husband that she took their baby was born a week before that and he is being deployed. So sad.

  • MylesofStyles

    #18 Inhaling the aroma of your plate of food before digging in.

  • PRChiver

    #34 #33 epic #39 somebody is getting laid tonight, like a boss

    • matt

      Damon is married to a woman that is equally hot, if not more so, than this (admittedly) hot chica

    • ps86

      surprised she didn't drop her pants right there

  • hoot

    #14 #2 Canada EH!? 😀

    • Applefish

      You got that right, hoser! :p

    • shawn KCCO

      In Canada our cops shoot water guns and strangers buy other strangers bikes. This is why the UN always calls us to be peace keepers. KCCO.

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