Newly Single Chivettes (36 Photos)

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  • Caliguy85

    #17 I'd miss that too from Cali by any chance 

  • JackAce

    #33 WOW wish I knew you!

  • Dexsin

    I know most of these girls would just laugh or phttt at me if I asked them out..

  • Chuck

    #30 can have me any way she wants me!

  • Jeff

    #31 I love you…. that is all

  • @mikek1526

    MOAR of #1 please … just gorgeous!

  • Lookin 4 Mike Hunt

    All of them are beautiful in their own way … and some ways the same … but every female is CRAZY to some degree.

  • Kris

    31 33 35 WOW

  • Craig

    number 35, let me take you out to a Jays game sometime. How come I never see these hot chicks on the TTC?

  • bobbay21

    #14 FIND HER!! i would love to get to know her better

  • tippytoe

    O YA

  • Matt Goss

    #13, I'm a Burlington Chiver and I'd love to take you out!

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  • issac

    Single and looking ^.^

  • Homer

    No matter how pretty, someone got tired of their crap. Look at them already starving for attention. What would they do to you after the honeymoon ended? Put them to the sword and move on I say.

    • Anonymous

      all chivettes that post naked pictures are attention whores

  • Joey mckelvy

    All u girls r beauitful!! Thanks for the pics!!

  • Timmy Tesch

    Can a new rule be enacted for all newly single Chivette posts?? I believe a phone number should be required in order to post a picture…your thoughts guys??

    • Joe

      The number of posts would quickly drop to 0.

  • Zach

    girls 14 and 20.. so sexy, 14 you work security, very hot

    • Zach

      canadian too.. even better, wouldn't happened to be an alberta girl by chance?

  • moeshere foxdale

    #16 Truly sexy….I'm going to TAPITure…hehe….But your really cute hon…just say…

  • know the type

    Not a single hottie 😦 …..Just cute enjoy to think they are then be ultra high maintenance and high on them selves.

  • Hogfan

    awesome group! Guys these days don't know what they have until they lose it…. sadly i never have it so its kinda hard to lose. btw looking for Fayetteville chivettes they have to exist some where…

  • MAx

    Pittsburgh!? Tell me you're from Pittsburgh!

  • CaptUnderpants

    #1 Hmm, I happen to be a keeper as well. This can't be a coincidence.

  • dongaroo

    girls this cute getting dumped? you know they must be SO FUCKIN CRAZY and SO MUCH DRAMA. run for your lives guys

  • jdraves5

    #36…… THE BEST one in this whole post. you lookin for someone? 😉

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