Newly Single Chivettes (36 Photos)

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  • Wiregrab

    #21, everything but her face. That is annoying btw.

  • Wiregrab

    No one person is perfection. If they have physical beauty there is something that is negative to offset it. That saying of no matter how beautiful she/he is there is someone out there that is sick of their shit applies to these photos.

  • jason

    #35 you look so familiar…. And gorgeous. Youve got the most amazin eyes and smile.

  • RRBC

    #27 How do I meet you?!

  • Zuke

    Well, I'd take all of you on dates if that was possible…even if that might run into a little money. Not necessarily because you're a fine bunch of girls (which you are, don't get me wrong) but because I know it sucks not having anyone.

    Also because I'm a lonely gentleman with a troubled past who's grown tired of his previously introverted ways and now longs for company. But this isn't about me.

  • Zuke

    The amount of butthurt radiating off this page is borderline toxic. As a matter of fact, maybe the above girls realizing they were with douchebags like some of the people commenting is why they're newly single? Just because they're single doesn't mean they got dumped. Women aren't the only ones capable of having severe issues (that's clear upon reading these comments).

    Now, I'm not just saying all this because I'm trying to be a white knight of some sort. Some women can be pretty screwed up. On the other hand, plenty of guys can be crazy, insufferable dickwads, and judging by the severe level of assholishness I'm witnessing here I'm reluctant to believe it isn't primarily a lot of the guys here who are the ones with problems, not the girls.

  • Andrew

    The skank market is open for business!

  • So*CalChiver

    #3 #9 #12 Where's can i apply?

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  • What_Tha

    There are some dumb mother fuckers out there.

    Oh, and #16, you are breathtaking.

  • MohawkJon

    Security is the place to be.
    I work in the hospital ER and the psych ward myself… Although I could always use a body guard…

  • whxray72

    Man, I am not living in the right place (Indianapolis) or hanging with the right crowd I think lol. Every single one of these woman are smoking hot. You guys have a gift at posting the cutest most adorable woman. Gives me hope to find a Chivette that some douche-bag has treated bad and/or dumped… 😀 KCCO

  • Drew

    #26 All three are smoking HOT!

  • @lukeshepherd

    #1 … 402?

  • Marco

    #2 – Making me wish I was too…

  • Matt

    26/27… Single and where? WOW

  • Charles

    Chive on Ladies

  • AmericoPolk

    #16 what a marvelous smile!

  • Anonymous

    What a co-incidence! Im single too! lol
    FB Geoff Gemini

  • ramon

    MOAR #15

  • Rich P.

    #33 how's the painting going ha lol see yeah at work onTuesday 😉

  • Navy HR

    i would love to change that!

  • ky boy

    Number 9 how can i get ahold of you… you need some love give me a contact

  • demir57

    #17 find her!!! MOAR!!!

  • mikeb

    #15 where you from ?? Obvs won't be single for long! 😉

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