Sometimes, you can win on facebook (24 Photos)

  • bacon cheese fries

    #5 Simple solution is to take your own bag to put the booze in. One of those cooler bags with the individual pockets for cans or bottles. Or a box. Or your girlfriend's arms. Anything really, so you don't have to use the bags there.

  • sfb101

    So true #4
    But you'll never see that bastard cat shit in your shoe…

  • civage

    #24… don't know what the point is. The shutterstock girl is not Abby Farle. Seems like the whole post is made up to smack CFA around some more.

    • Twin Cities Girl

      Well duh.

  • BTME

    #24 – Ok. Get off the dead horse already, it's pathetic.

    • George

      That horse isn't dead yet. Have you seen how long absolutely terrible Chuck Norris jokes maintain value?

  • TXCherokee

    OK, we get that you don't agree with the Chik-Fil-A president. Let it go. Don't ruin a good thing by intervening in politics or religion.

  • crazydog

    #11 well played

  • Meh

    #11 Batmo Timberlake? I don't get it

  • matt

    yeah chive, a website isnt the place for political commentary – thats what we have chicken joints for

  • LuvsHorror

    #6 Or Robin Williams…

  • Trad

    #3 has a dislike button. I want to go to there…

  • John

    Would've been funnier if I hadn't read all of these on, sorry Chive, stealing from another site is just being lazy

  • andrespena85

    Am I the only one here who notices that #3 has a DISLIKE button????? uhmmm

  • nuccabay

    it was a great post until #24…leave it alone guys, quit feeding the trolls

  • Jay-Z (That Jay-Z)

    #7 russell peters joke…

  • Jeremy DeAnda

    What Facebook is she using that has a "dislike" button?? Sign me up!!

  • dirtysteve99

    What's with all the Chick fil PR people on here? Or is it just one dude with 4 sockpuppets?

    • TXCherokee

      No, it's that there are a lot of us who like the good The Chive does. However, we don't want our good deeds, hot women, and funny pics lined with politics or religion. Judging by the near zero thumbs up or down so far, I'd say we are either a sizable group or no one scrolls this far down the comments section.

  • Canadastani

    hahaha love it when bigoted fucktards get nailed!

    • trainwreck08

      Hahaha…wait, how are they "bigoted fucktards"? Just because the owner has a different belief than you, suddenly the company is a bigot? Hmmm, I'll have to tell that to my gay friends that work at CFA, or to the lesbian couple I saw being served in there yesterday. Grow up.

  • Uptohere

    I come here to escape politics not have it shoved in my face.I don't want political shit that I agree with or disagree with stuck in the middle of a bunch of funny pictures.Get the fuck over yourselves and your retarded sense of self importance.Don't give me that"This may be the only place some people see these important issues" bullshit.Just.Stop.It.
    You are ruining a fairly good site.

    • George

      Stop whining. Obviously you care way too much about an issue to enjoy the humor of a light mockery. You're the asshole in this situation.

  • Putiflon#1

    Fuckall the Fag out there!!!!! I will continue to eat at chick fil a because of what was said!! So fuck off!!!!

  • florescentc

    #4 is a Chris Delia tweet.

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  • Hugh

    Since when did holding an opinion that leaving marriage as is become regarded as intolerable and hate-filled?

  • el guapo

    #9…still wearing a chick's shirt, bro…

  • Brandon Romansky

    #2 is the falsest statement of all time.

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