WTF auto Wednesday: hood ornaments (57 Photos)

  • Punchdrunk

    #65 Pole Position…

    • 650

      my friend (and fellow Chiver) has this one on the hood of his chimo/pedo van

    • LuncHBox

      See, now THAT'S how you say first!

      • Punchdrunk

        Thank's for noticing.Can't believe +22…

  • Mint Balls

    A hawk pooped on my hood.

  • warren

    105 of these! What am I doing with my life?

    • Hook

      Waiting on Hump Day, of course.

    • Daniel McGrath

      In your defense, you were probably looking/hoping for more boobs.

    • AndrewJ411

      Rick can't count apparently…

  • hi mom

    kinda shot your load with 100+ pictures

    • windowlicker


    • Craig

      Seems like 100 too many

  • BigPup

    #31 I'd mount that on the hood of my car…

  • BigPup

    #5 Nice ace…

    • Mud

      I don't always steal hood ornaments, but when I do…. Sex.

  • Dirty redneck

    Personally I think good ornaments are gay.. Big fake rubber balls hanging from your bumper is where it's at!

    • McBoogerballs

      Nothing says classy like a good pair of truck nuts!

  • Rich

    #5 #17 #87 #105. They can all be my hood ornaments anytime

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #17 looks nice

    • VeeDubbin

      I hope you mean the girls and not the pathetic excuse for a muscle car under them

      • mattythegooch

        Yes, Exactly VeeDubbin!! That would be the only way to get me into a fucking Mustang…yellow at that..

  • Tim

    #31 and #52, i am a dolphins fan now.

  • Hu Flung Poo

    #52 That girl has no clue what she's doing…That's not a kitchen!!!

    • DaddyJax

      She is asking for help, the right way!

    • daimler

      xr3i could be cosworth running twin webbers 167bhp 0-60 = 4.3 seconds standed recaro bucket seats bailey dump valve

      • RYNO!

        That is nice and all, but I think people are more concerned about that big plump rump than they are about the blahdy blah blah you keep blabbin about.

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  • Zeb Westrom

    I'm not entirely sure what #13 is supposed to be.

    • Guest

      I think it's supposed to be a very stylized eagle. Imagine it rotated from 8:00 (where it is) to 5:30 (facing the camera). You'd see the head coming at you, with the wings flared on the sides, with the "jetwash" (for lack of a better term) coming out the back of them.

    • superdave

      it's the optional dove hood ornament for a 31 chevy

  • NIXem

    Blah Blah Blah , uncle Chester says Blah

  • whyme1973

    #5 #17 #46 #52 #65 I can appreciate these lovely ornaments.

  • Dan

    #31 for the win

  • wkdfrog

    #1 Zim Zimma, Who got de keys to my Beethoven?!

  • Paula_

    I've got about 112 cat skulls on mine. Some are still fresh and smell a bit, but that will pass.

    Mac cries every time I drive by… But then again, so did he before I had any cat skulls on the hood…

    – the one you love to hate

  • Seth Whaley

    100+ is a little different than 57… hahah oh well KCCO

  • MonkeyMadness

    #73 and #89 just too awesome to only post once

  • MonkeyMadness

    #46 I just hope she can hang on at 88 MPH!

    • trl87

      That's not a DeLorean and it doesn't have a flux capacitor.

  • Ifitaintbroke

    105 pics of hood ornaments???? This better be a good hump day!!!

  • wkdfrog

    #52 Hmm, that's not where the kitchen is…

    • RYNO!

      Someone else already beat you to that one. Nice try.

  • Shiguy

    #103 'Merica!

  • @dbumbaco

    As a Dolphin fan I approve this message #31 MOAR!

    • Guy on a Buffalo

      This may be where I parked my car.

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