• Giovanni

    Still DESPISE cops,

    • AlxH

      yea they totally should have let this guy keep driving a huge truck through the neighbourhood

      • tim

        and when you are in trouble, next time call a crack head and see how much help you get then. douche.

    • Jay-Z (That Jay-Z)

      I bet you have never even been in trouble with the law… just jumping on the "fuck da police" bandwagen to come off as cool

      • Giovanni

        I was arrested a block from my house for NOT using my phone on the suspicioun of unlawful activity because i drive a nice car and im hispanic. Oh by the way the way i feel about cops is my OPINION, you know that personal idea of belief of a subject so yes i will jump on the i hate cops bandwagon you douche… Thanks KEEP CALM AND CHIVE ON. Let the racist bigot replies and comments begin. 🙂

        • Pho

          Make up some bs story… Post it on Internet… Bla bla bla no one still cares…

        • MonkeyMadness

          So why didn't you use your phone on the suspicion of unlawful activity? You were obstructing justice. Douche.

  • cels0_o

    I find it funny how in all these police videos that are filmed from helicopters, you can hear all the police sirens and tires squealing yet they are pretty high up. If they played the actual audio all you would hear is the helicopter.

  • MrStiggy91

    No matter how many bullshit tickets I get, I will always respect them for the fact that they will put their life on the line if need be.

  • Anon
    • Gracias

      Thanks for the details. I wanted to know what ended up happening to him. I wish they'd mentioned where he'd been shot though.

  • spkilo

    was this a promo for Nick Cage in Ghostrider?

  • Emzilla

    Nevermind. 🙂

  • Visitohr

    The thing I hate most about those police chase videoshowss is that all the sounds are edited in. I can do with the sirens as an audiofiller but the gunshots, tiresounds etc are all so lame.

  • Eder St Cool

    Nope. Wanted to see two guys fighting on top of burning lumber.

  • Joe Testarosa

    Wow, this chase is over 15 years old from a show that was 15 years old. Nice job chive great research.

  • rick

    i live in dallas and i remember when this happen. right after sept 11 cops thought it was a terrorist attack since it bursts into flames. DPD were looking to take that guy out.

  • Mexicant1

    So he was just screwing around an it didn't get ou of han until the asshole cops shot at him?

  • emu90


  • dave

    dude got 99 years for stealing a truck – bit excessive?

    • brutesentiment

      I don't think so…the 99 years wasn't just for stealing the truck. It was for evading arrest and reckless endangerment (or other similar crimes, whatever they're called in Texas). Also, he had a record (previous felony convictions in other states.)

      That's a guy that's good to keep off the streets.

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  • dacky2

    Truckers really need to watch their methamphetamine intake.

  • Chris Scharff


  • mojoman42

    Narrator ruins this shit. Does he think his one liners at the end are clever?

  • screwutoo

    FUCK DA POLICE!!!!!!

  • Dave

    The whole time watching this video, all I could hear was the driving going "NOPE."

  • HateMail

    Who the F was that idiot in the left lane at about 2:45? Don't you see a huge truck barrelling at you? Don't you think it would be a good idea to get out of the way? Well done school bus driver, I doubt anyone got injured from that one piece of lumber that slid underneath it, but according to the commentator, one kid did.. poor kid. That flaming tire that exploded and went rogue was fcukin awesome! It would've been sweet if it took out a mailbox or something LOL

  • Adam

    The narrative is what gets me. How many cheesy lines can that guy throw out there?

  • David Phillips

    He needs to cash in that lumber at the bank…..the blood bank.

  • Joey

    They should have used another .19 cent bullet to this losers head. Now we get to pay for this turd the rest of his worthless life.

  • Skeeko

    America is such a mess its ridiculous!! Cops are the worst jobs ever, why would u want people to hate u. lol

  • Super Dave

    This happened in Dallas a couple years back. The guy is just serving jail time.

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