All in favor of quarantining Scottsdale, say I (39 Photos)

  • ShoutaRy94

    Am I the only one who notices that #3 abs look like the Windows logo…?

  • ????

    What the fuck is happening in america?

  • dan

    picture ten, yes is wearing affliction. but he is a multiple time abu-dabi winner. his name is dean lister, and he is a badass.

  • chris

    omg- give Scotsdale to Mexico! NOW!!

  • TammyMckenney

    OMG is Red Deer/Sylvan Lake Alberta!

  • jwgacy213

    Not only did this clump make me ill. But the bigger douche in #33 is wearing the fake tattoo sleeves undergarmet. He is next in line for the throne of #37. I weep for the future.

  • moon101

    there needs to be a warning on this page giant flashing warning… dear god i just wasted 5 mins of my life…can't believe this place is real douchville

  • jeffrey


    What color is this thing ?!? QUICKLY kill it …. Kill it with fire now !

  • doggydog

    just having an affliction t-shirt doesn't make u a douche sorry but who ever posted this had a very wrong missunderstanding of what had been told or don't know how a man should wear.. I am also pretty sure that half of the post lovers fap in a public wc before they can even get home. Improve your knowledge please imrpove yourselfs

  • NotADouche

    Moron – it's "aye", not "I"

  • Shariff Mohd Faizal

    D O U C H B A G !!..

  • Calem

    As far as I'm concerned , quarantine the whole damn state of Arizona , ……..

  • waltgator

    people still wear that shit?

  • MohawkJon


  • Dave

    #1 is not in Scotsdale, or even the United States for that matter. I know two of the gentleman in that photo very well. And they are actually not d-bags. They are pretty good guys.

    • Jason McKevitt

      That pic is in the states… vegas in fact! Stag party for the second guy on the right

  • Matt Erickson

    HAHA!!! WHAT?! How did I make 4th place?! With a jacket like that, I should've brought home the Douchebag GOLD!!

    Chive on, Bitches.

  • nick


  • R.J.

    #21 has a five-head

  • WannabeRockstar

    Ha! This is what small town Alberta looks like. Gotta disagree with 15 though. Nothin' douche-y about simply staying fit

  • Againstdouchebags

    #1 and #20 are from Lloydminster, AB, Canada – I apologize. There's not much hope for this place.

  • thadawg

    #10 is Dean Lister, a proven MMA veteran and winner of the Abu Dhabi 99kg grappling tourney. Douche he may be but he earned his affliction shirt wearin' rights and would rip the arms off of all of us.

  • Ron

    Mr. potatoew head's son got redistricted out! One less douchebag in congress. Why did I write this? He used to write for "The Dirty"

  • Tyler

    I know the guy in two of the pics. Rad dude. In Vegas. Only douchey on ocasions and even then not really. So keep calm.

  • Milky

    All guys who wear mma shirts think their tough. Just watch their faces and pray to god slipknot does not pop up on a radio because holy fucking Jesus a fight is sure to break out. Trust me I am from Scottsdale what a db nation of hot heads.

  • @hkluv23

    Ohhhh the stupid…it burns!!

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