All in favor of quarantining Scottsdale, say I (39 Photos)

  • alphawolf07

    #34 The Tavern, One of the best bars in Lincoln, NE

  • Griff0527

    It is like douchbag nirvana! quarantine the city and then level it.

  • Jim

    Whole city should be firebombed

  • _Merlin

    It's not Scottsdale, it's East LA, full of wannabe's and idiots. And the women aren't much better! Every guy wears the same three shirts and every girl wears the same three dresses, same three hair styles, same three shoe styles. Zero originality. The guys, one hair, one shoe. if you're not loaded, or appear to be loaded (think maxed out credit cards), and fit into one of those three dress styles, you are an outsider. You will get no attention of any sort unless it is some idiot staring down his/her nose at you. Guys, wanna get laid here, get a realistic looking ID from out of state, tell her you work in pharmaceuticals, have a three bedroom penthouse, and a Ferrari, done. Girls, easy, just show boob. It's hot, dry, dusty, unimaginably over priced, shitty house construction, landscape restricted, and taxed. Get used to paying $5 to $7 (or more) a beer, $7 to $9 a shot, and oh yeah, you just waited in line 30+ minutes to pay $20 to get in, on a cheap night. Something good going on, double the wait time, triple the cover. Do more than quarantine. It's a rotten place. Abandon it, burn it, bury it, put it out of our misery. I left a long time ago.

    • FunKiller

      If that's what happened to you when you came here….you most definitely did it wrong.

  • Guest

    #10 is allowed to wear a sponsors shirt. He is a legit athlete with all the credentials.

    Its too bad that the rest of these dingalings give legit sponsored guys a bad image. The good part is that these douchetastic pricks keep buying shirts and putting food on the tables of the fighters.

  • notanuptowngirl

    I personally I would like to nutcheck every dude in these pics. As a female, these guys are not attractive. If he needs more hair product than I do and wears more bling, he's not a real man.

  • Derek

    #4 #27 #28 #36 "lets pretend we're 15 years younger"

  • Rand Hallman

    I live a mere miles away from Scottsdale in Tempe, AZ and I simply can't stand going there. Every stereotype that you have heard about the people there are true. The most stuck-up, conceded, douchiest people you've ever met. I loathe going up there with every fiber of my being!

    • lowercase


      Fork 'em Devils! I'm a proud alumni.

  • Shoofly

    So I see Scottsdale is giving San Francisco a run for its money. You go girl!

  • Justhrowit


  • The MIlkman

    #17…….the DoucheBag Shore has drifted inland……trick or treat you are pathetic & suck

  • dave

    Having lived in PHX for 12 yrs and unfortunately spending some work time in Scottsdale I can confirm a massive level of poseur douchebaggery there.

  • Ketut

    I! Keep all the D-Bags in one spot.

  • Yogesh Bisineeru

    #39 Mac makes rocking stone-faced, dead-eyes look easy.

  • Gavin

    When the world goes to shit, & we have nothing, I'm really glad we have ass clowns like this to get human kind back on track….. What have we become!

  • Paul Muniz

    The whole town should be re-named Summer's Eve!

  • SteveO

    No need for comment…

  • Mel_Gibson

    #21 are they men or women?

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea that Scottsdale was in New Jersey. I say we throw these Desert Douchbaggers am Affliction sponsored KY party and then Napalm them.

  • me2

    Duck face douche bags… damn they're breeding

  • Joshua

    OK so #4 is the one who Michael Jacksons billie jean jacket.. what an ass. #39 lol.

    The Jersey Shore has ruined Merica!!

  • Joshua

    #4 is the one who baught Michael Jacksons Billie Jean Jacket..

  • Matt


  • Turd F.

    #9 I keep all my swag in a grocery store bank account

  • ScotchScotchScotch

    This post is for all the Scottsdale clubbers who, do in fact, dress like this. Otherwise, the rest of us awesome (read: Chivers) people go to bars.

    • lowercase


    • FunKiller

      KCCO…..although I go to some clubs, none of my friends look like these people!

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