All in favor of quarantining Scottsdale, say I (39 Photos)

  • GUI

    Napalm bomb the place!

  • Jade

    Too much Jersey Shore..

  • Brent

    Scottsdale is "Jersey Shore West"

  • Dave Morse

    #22 I had heard the Umpa Lumpa queen had escaped the factory

  • wrench

    I was gonna say bomb the damn place ,but hey…napalm n nukes are likeable options !

  • B_lover

    I think they mean Alberta not Scottsdale.

  • OhYesSheDid

    #39 Hey who's the guy on the right? I'd like to sit on his face 😉

  • btotheb

    I used to live in scottsdale in the early 90's….I thank christ I don't anymore! HOLY HELLo.0

  • Livin' Legend

    Sweet zombie Jesus, and I thought my town (Beaumont, TX) was full of evolutionary dead ends. It is, but there are obviously more in Scottsdale. Frightening.

  • Mmhmm

    Keepin calm in Scottsdale, surrounded by dbaggery

  • Erik

    It's "aye", as in the antonym of nay, not "I".

  • 7kissmywhiskey7

    I had no idea there was a Scottsdale, NJ… my geography must be slipping

  • Mr Agoo

    #10…..Is MMA fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Expert …One Douchebag I would NOT fuck with

    • Mr Agoo

      Dean Lister, sorry I forgot to put his name

  • stevo

    I live in Scottsdale and avoid old town like the plague. We call these guys 30K millionaires.

  • nouu

    that place is to d-bags as Austin, TX is to libtards…

    • jake

      Lol Austin sure does have libtards, I blame UT.

  • John Loewe Jr.

    I'm going to go douche my eyes now. Oh wait, I just did.

  • Tommy Rasmus

    Its sad to say i was born there…

  • jode72

    #22 #38 Why would you spray tan WHEN YOU FUCKING LIVE IN THE FUCKING DESERT, WHERE THE SUN SHINES 300 GODDAMN DAYS A YEAR?!? Of course, why would you spray tan at all?

  • freddy boy

    Well, in defense of Scottsdale, now you see why the plastic surgeons at the Mayo Clinic are so damned good.

  • Catman

    I'm sure Scottsdale has its share of douches, but I must call semi-bullshit because many of these pictures are reruns I've seen in other galleries having nothing to do with the city. C'mon guys, quit recycling pictures and trying to sell it as a new gallery.

  • da goober

    i have no words! i take that back – i've only driven thru scottsdale and thank GOD for that !!!

  • Oh my!!

    #10 laughable Dean Lister. Couldn't make it in the UFC so he tried to teach in San Diego fight gyms. Failed miserably. Also has herpes and ha gotten kicked out of every club and bar in SD!!! Fuck him!!

    • haha

      yeah right… he finished 4-2 in UFC and ended up having bicep surgery, and as you say trying to teach in San Diego?? He has a great gym in SD called Victory MMA, it is very successful. He has lived in Croatia as coach of legendary Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic, he is now current ranked #1 jiu jitsu man in the world and 3X overrall world champion ADCC. He must have apparently went out and had great sex with your girlfriend or something for you to have this much hostility towards him a stranger.. that's too bad, maybe if you weren't lame in bed things would be different. You will always be a loser and everyone here knows it you fuckin tool..

  • a doe

    Hahaha #22 is that girl serious!?!

  • Toro

    30k a year millionaires!
    Some BAD bitches there but most of them want a gay Arnold schwarzenegger in a bedazzled shirt !
    Viva the west side

  • Jessie

    Makes me want to move!!!

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