First Time Chivettes (54 Photos)

First time Chivettes submit right here.

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  • Matt

    #49 is my girlfriend i posted it! 😀

  • Chisoxfan

    #7 Gotta love a girl with a gun!

  • millertime

    #29 and #42 look exhausted…..I'll help you hold those FLBP for a while…….

  • What_Tha

    #10 and #49 need to become 2nd time Chivettes. Just sayin

  • Mike

    #27 Looks like a bad girl

  • da goober

    #20 you are doing it right
    #29 u got me missing home! (nola)..plz submit MOAR.

  • Clayton Provencal

    Yes #7, go Edmonton.

  • Forge

    #34 More! I think I know this girl!!!!

  • Owen Hansen

    #49 I wish I could see your beautiful smile everyday.

  • Mievaan

    Höpsö, se on from Finland eikä Finlandia 😉

  • samthechivefan

    #21 OMG!!! Who are you? Please, MOAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!! You made my day!!!

  • Jeansol

    Hot chivettes, Y U NO from France ??

  • Jonathan Trujillo

    #25 Hey, I just saw you and this is crazy, but you are beautiful so facebook message me maybe?

  • timmymatt

    I am like a little kid in a candy store, with no money. I can only look at those sweet mouth watering pieces of candy.

  • sausagefestatwork

    #48 Minnesota Chivers represent! MOAR of you our lovely Vikings Chivette! SKOL!

  • brettadill

    I want #35 to be my desktop background(and my new girlfriend)….is that a creeper move?? I don't even care.

  • Drew

    #6 can have my anytime she wants ! so beautiful !

  • mteague

    #49 AYFKM?!?!?

  • Filbur

    #10 Awesome, but blurry
    #34 Hot enough to forgive the duckface
    #49 is just friggin awesome, I have no complaints other than I'm not banging her

  • Kevin Max De Cicco

    #24 Nice stache..

  • WAC


  • Lookin 4 Mike Hunt

    I sure will #51

  • Onslaught70

    #48 Welcome! SKOAL!!!!! Love It!

  • @robnailer

    holy hell #49

  • MohawkJon

    Awww that's mean…

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