• Spelling Police

    "You can sue us from jail." LOL!

  • bigjay271

    I remember when Louis CK used to be funny.

  • Doc. H.R.

    louis ck is awesome, but that was a waist of my time!

    • Chris

      You're right, you should definitely dedicate more time to spelling.

  • msclf

    I remember having to watch these instructional videos in school in Canada…

  • msee

    I only laughed when it was over because i thought of another comedian that is actually funny

  • Bill Dozer

    That post really makes me want to buy a T-shirt

  • LuvsHorror

    Awe, this was nice! Too many rude, self involved people out there. Kids do well to learn good manners. Although I don't apologize unless I really am sorry.

  • C-spot

    Around my family, I hold my tongue. When I'm by myself, I tell these a-holes off all the time. I had a three minute argument with a bitch one time, because she wouldn't get off of her phone to complete the transaction with the cashier. I spoke up, told her to put her phone away, and after her transaction I put my stuff down and reamed her out. I then asked who her parents were (she wouldn't tell me) and where she went to school. After sharing my name, I told her that her behavior was completely disrespectful to the cashier and everyone behind her in line. I told her to have her parents feel free to give me a call if she felt disrespected in any way, strangely enough I didn't get a phone call?

  • Patrick

    Wow you can really tell the Assholes from the people with morals by the comments on this page.

  • Grodon

    I'm sorry, but that sucked.

  • Michael

    lol punch her in the face and pull her hair?? What kind of advice is that??

  • Yuyujacuchu

    This is the most overacted video I have ever seen

  • Guy

    Yeah, America. Just form the words with the air running through your face.

  • Paul

    Hahahahahahaha! I have been watching Louie at the gym with my Dish Remote Access app since last season and that is the best work I have ever seen from him. That lady was extra mean and she definitely got what she deserved. I have a full time job at Dish and two gorgeous daughters and if that happened to one of them I don’t think I would have handled the situation the same way. Bravo Louis! You are my Hero. Maybe after more people watch this we can look forward to having less self centered people in the world.

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