Military and Firefighter KCCO’s available now!

 Military and Firefighter KCCOs available now!

It’s been a while but the Military KCCO’s have finally returned RIGHT HERE. As y’all know, these are (very) limited run KCCO’s so please make sure if you’re NOT part of the Armed Forces that you’re purchasing a shirt for one of them, not yourself.

And for the first time ever, we proudly present the Firefighter KCCO’s RIGHT HERE. Yes, they are awesome.

As ever, good luck and godspeed!

UPDATE: All sizes in Military and Firefighter SOLD OUT.

  • Burns

    Stoked!!!! Just got me and my Lt. a FF KCCO!!!!!

    • Big_James

      Also they have the Bad Mother Fucker wallets back in stock too.

    • CanadianEH!!

      I'm stoked for you man! I hope the only peoiple buying these shirts are people who are actually in the military or part of a fire crew! These are the people who really deserve these shirts, that's why they were put out right!

      • devil dog 83

        you know that doesnt happen. you can see people that are obviously not military wearing the shirts. my buddy couldnt get one because of it and he is deployed. there should be some way of sending miltary email verification to get one next time

    • Burns

      Good call big james!
      Yeah I will punch the first non fireman wearing a FD KCCO shirt square in the face that i come across!

  • ChrisLFD

    Got mine and my crew some KCCO Fire Dept Shirts. Rock on Chive!

  • Ohio Chiver

    First Got two F.F.!


    • dagg nabbit

      but your still in Ohio….

  • jrk

    2 minutes early sale!

    Got one for me and my bro!!

    giddy as a schoolgirl

    • ham wallet

      You mean your boyfriend?

      • tBaynes

        don’t be mad you didn’t get any

  • tomchalm

    FF sold out in seconds 😦

    • dagg nabbit

      saved you from looking like a douche

  • awesome

    from everybody in the Navy hovering over my computer right now, thanks!

    • dagg nabbit

      i think they were really just hovering your cock

  • Jarrod

    Order complete to Mil, and One FF

  • Noni

    Got Em!

  • TimB

    Just got me my firefighter and military green. FDNY/Gulf War Vet. Now I can KCCO

  • OffDaWall

    Couldn't get the one I tried for. Sold out while trying to complete the sale!

  • ManitobaChivette

    So excited.. Just got my boyfriend a FF KCCO!!! He's gonna love it!

    • tBaynes

      I hope you’re secretly my girlfriend

  • William Marble

    got mine ;D x2 white Military

  • Chase

    Sold out already o.O tried to get my hands on a couple of FF shirts, but I suppose its a no-go…

  • sunshine

    Hope my brother was able to get a FF KCCO. Chive on fire dawgs! They were out by the time I tried.

  • bruce

    firefighter sold out in less than a minute, wow

  • Tyler Holub

    Got a ff one wearing it to the next meeting/fire call

    • dagg nabbit

      your my hero

  • eric

    i just looked and i could still order the FF, I already got mine but keep checking!

  • Marc

    2:01 and they were already sold out of fire fighter shirts

    • dagg nabbit

      awwwwww… what on earth will you wear?

  • Rob

    We took a rescue out of service so we were at the station to order the FF KCCOs and it was sold out after 2 seconds!

    • Stupid

      I'm sure the citizens in your city appreciate that. Way to keep em safe

      • Stupid is a Jackass

        Taking one rescue out of service doesn't mean they didn't have one trucks ready to go out, Jackass!

      • Jarrod McReynolds

        Saying the took a truck out of service is like saying they stopped to take a piss. I'm sure they had radios, and pagers with them and were still in a position to respond to any calls. If you were a FF you would understand.

    • Mark McGinnis

      That is SO incredible. You guys are complete badasses. Chive On, brother.

    • dagg nabbit

      sorry for your loss

  • Burnbabyburn

    Got a Fire Fighter for my brother, who's an EMT trying to get his ass into a fire dept 😀

    • dagg nabbit

      I hope he never gets in

  • Steven

    Got me a navy and a white one! One to wear on my drill weekends and one to wear at my college, The Citadel…cause if you know anything about El Cid, you know you gotta KCCO to be there!!

    • Nicholas Rae Staal

      I'll be there in February. You a Nuc?

    • dagg nabbit

      you sir, sound like a real winner!

  • Joe

    got mine, coastie stationed in the caribbean, kcco!!!

    • dagg nabbit

      coast guard? can boy scouts get them too?

  • Army Female

    what about us military Females??? all the shirts are in "Mens" sizes..

    • John Chimpo

      Dont you wear Tshirts under your uniforms?

    • Kerra Lynn

      your regular military shirts in uniform are mens sizes too……. the point is to wear it in uniform

      • John Chimpo

        Thats what I said!

    • Nicholas Rae Staal

      For real! I'm hoping they get them soon.

    • Brooke

      I'm a navy female and i don't care if it's a mens shirt, we already wear unisex crewcut shirts in uniform. And when I wear it outside of work i'll just girl it up.

    • dagg nabbit

      don't trip, they have kitchen aprons for you at your local store..

  • Fernando Maldonado

    ALready sold out of FF? that blows! As FDNY I wanted 1

    • Jarrod McReynolds

      As FDNY you guys and gals get all the glory save a little for the rest of us FF.

    • suckit

      sorry to hear that brother. FDNY should get first dibs on FF shirts.

    • jmorris

      The fire is just as hot in New York as it is everywhere else Bro. You just have to be quicker than the rest of us.

    • dagg nabbit

      1) firefighters think they are better than everybody
      2) people from new york think they are better than everybody

  • Caitlin

    Yes I finally got my firefighter one!!!!!!!!

    • dagg nabbit

      if a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear it?

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