Military and Firefighter KCCO’s available now!

 Military and Firefighter KCCOs available now!

It’s been a while but the Military KCCO’s have finally returned RIGHT HERE. As y’all know, these are (very) limited run KCCO’s so please make sure if you’re NOT part of the Armed Forces that you’re purchasing a shirt for one of them, not yourself.

And for the first time ever, we proudly present the Firefighter KCCO’s RIGHT HERE. Yes, they are awesome.

As ever, good luck and godspeed!

UPDATE: All sizes in Military and Firefighter SOLD OUT.

  • Chase

    Just got the FF one, just keep trying server is probably just going crazy.

  • Warnock

    What a crock! I hit the purchase button as soon as the timer ticked to zero and was notified no stock on the large FF KCCO. Please make more.

  • Fallujah Marine

    OHHHH RAH! First I scored an orginal KCCO shirt last week and now a Mil KCCO!
    Semper Chive!

  • Chris Kelly

    AH NO THERE NOT OUT!!! Why because TheChive refuses to make enough t-shirts to meet the demand. Why? Don't have an Fing clue?

    • Burnbabyburn

      They went on sale a few minutes early, and they make them limited to preserve the "cool/unique factor". If every random person could just buy a shirt, it would ruin the fun. Stop whining, try again next time. KCCO

    • stock194

      Why would they sell a ton of them? The sweet success of finally getting one is half the fun!

  • Pisses

    Chive you need o fix your shit! Every fucking time I try to order a shirt from you on my phone it fucks up! It always says I ordered a small no matter what size I pick. I've tried my phone my wife's phone and a buddies phone and it all does it!

    • Burnbabyburn

      Use a computer?

    • Lolasaurus

      Get a better phone instead of a potatoe?

    • calm down


  • Jack

    Got one for myself and a brother firefighter. KCCO

  • Kerra Lynn

    Bagged my Mil Tan and white!!!! on a roll chive!!! next stop is CHIVETTE wear please!!

  • John Chimpo

    Cant believe I managed to get two of the Green military shirts.

  • Timmy Tesch

    The FF sold out EXTREMELY too fast. I was literally on my computer watching the countdown, refreshed my page with 3 seconds left, clicked my XL, went to checkout, and gone already. When will the next release be? Please make it soon for all of us FF's that somehow didn't get one…

  • ssss

    they are restocking periodicily so keep trying

  • Michael Fernandez

    Got a white and sand military. Now I just need the ever elusive Black KCCO and my collection will be complete. 🙂

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  • Samuel Caldwell

    Got mine! Hell yeh! This shall be a good birthday gift! 😀

  • LSFDChive

    Our station was able to submit consecutive orders. You have to be fast and know the trick! LSFD is going to be chived out!

    • Lolasaurus

      Lol I know right I did two orders on one phone safari and google chrome 😀


  • Kendrick

    What do you know, the fucking chivery website still sucks fat donkey balls and doesnt work half the time. So suprised. Fuck you chivery, fix your shit.

    • Gee

      If you were military you'd suck it up. If you were a FF you'd suck it up too. But you sound like neither, you boot

  • Softee

    Got my FF one, thank goodness. KCCO

  • Sgt Salad

    F*ck! Already sold out of Large sands… I suck.

  • Rich

    Seeing the requests for female sizes in the military KCCO's. I know they are made to wear under the uniform but what about female sizes for all the wives out there faithfully standing behind their husbands while they serve. If anyone deserves a little recognition too it is them. Ask my wife who sacrificed just as much as I did during 9 years of service in the Marine Corps.

  • pissedFF

    tell you what is some bs is for the past month or 2 iI have been emailing the chive telling them to make some KCCO FF shirts with not even a reply. then tall of a sudden they come out w them. and they sold out so fast iI couldnt get one. double dicked over.

  • reaperMEDIC

    I got three… then it "Won't accept that type of card" which was a Visa debit in good standing…. screwed by the non working checkout system again. Boohoo

  • Warren

    I got my FF KCCO love the red but does anyone else want to wear it on duty, under their uniform. Maybe a FF Navy blue, would be cool.

  • NM FF

    Got mine, did refresh at 2:01 before and snagged the FF on the early sale! Whew! Thank you Chive, KCCO!

    • MGS

      chive on fellow NM chiver!

  • FIREMAN187


  • Jarrod McReynolds

    Easy to say because I got mine but a lot of non-KCCO going on today.

  • realfirefighter

    im sure a bunch of assholes who are not firefighters bought the shirts and you'll see them on ebay in a few days!!!!

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