Military and Firefighter KCCO’s available now!

 Military and Firefighter KCCOs available now!

It’s been a while but the Military KCCO’s have finally returned RIGHT HERE. As y’all know, these are (very) limited run KCCO’s so please make sure if you’re NOT part of the Armed Forces that you’re purchasing a shirt for one of them, not yourself.

And for the first time ever, we proudly present the Firefighter KCCO’s RIGHT HERE. Yes, they are awesome.

As ever, good luck and godspeed!

UPDATE: All sizes in Military and Firefighter SOLD OUT.

  • TxFF

    Saw that someone is selling the ff shirts for 150 on eBay. Rediculous! Happy that I was able to get them for the crew, though.

  • Michael

    Damn slow ass Afghanistan internet!

  • LAX

    When are y'all making paramedic/EMT KCCO?

    • Eric Davis

      Totally meant to thumbs up that comment and fat fingered it. 😦 Sorry. lol

      • LAX

        No worries, I'm glad my comment got some more rolling 🙂

  • 911

    Stumps. How's about a paramedic KCCO.

  • Phoneboy

    I am happy that I was able to grab one. (ff/emt here)

    Chive.. us that are also in EMS would love to see an EMS one… could be similar.. maybe a blue color with the star of life on it?

    Something to wear under our uniform when we're running solid for 18 hours straight. KCCO!

  • Jay

    Firefighter KCCO gone in seconds, 45 minutes before the first shows up on ebay for 99 bucks, still KCCO waiting for the next release.

  • plumber hugh

    could the Chive take orders for atleast a hour or so? take our money. then make the shirts sold? How many t-shirts (military) did the Chive sell today?

  • Sarah Moyle

    Got my husband a navy one. Can't wait for that delivery!

  • joe

    i have a better chance at winning the lottery than buying a kcco shirt.

  • Maggie

    Finally got my hands on one! Thanks chive 🙂
    From one greatful Marine Chivette

  • matt

    I tried to order a large and settled for an extra large. When I got my email confirmation it stated it was a small, kinda disappointed but Im going to KCCO like Pete the cat. Anyone want to trade small for large on a firefighters honor system hit me up…

    Be Safe….A Nebraska FF-Medic.

  • Pissedchiver

    This is complete bullshit. Every time shirts go up for sale I'm either busting my ass 14 hours straight in a dialysis clinic keeping people alive. Or sleeping… If the chive is so fucking awesome then it would have more fucking shirts! Go eat a bag of dicks!

  • Nicholas Rae Staal

    Managed to snag one today. Leaving to Navy boot camp in December. It's exciting!

  • MGS

    got 2! one for my bro in the marines and the other for my best friend in the air force! awesome!!!

  • goodguysfan

    Echoing the call for Police/LEO shirts.

  • Brooke

    Totally snagged myself a navy blue to wear to work, i've been waiting for these forrreverrrrrr 🙂 Stoked!! KCCO

  • jerry

    cops don't get shirts because they suck

  • Firemanryno

    For those of y'all wanting a police or EMT shirt it doesn't matter because they will sell out before you can get one, unless you go to eBay and buy one from some asshole just trying to make money.

  • Bill

    Let me guess…ALL completely sold out? Absolutely no more shirts left? In minutes? Just have to wait until the next global launch? I wonder how long yall can keep this up?! I really am interested! People are so dumb nowadays! One person can be smart, but put hundreds or thousands of them together, and you get cattle. I have to give it you you guys at the Chive though…supply and demand. Keep it up fellas!

  • dagg nabbit


  • Bill

    John and the Chive guys, just you let you know, I'm sure someone has already informed yall, but the KCCO Military shirts are not authorized for wear while in a U.S. Army uniform in accordance with AR 670-1. I know yall probably mean well, but they are not allowed. Yall are encouraging soldiers to disobey Army regulations. I don't know what the Navy, Airforce, or Marine standards are, but those shirts are not Army standard. YES, even under the ACU top, where it's not seen, it's supposed to be a plain tan t-shirt.

    • Big Dickhead

      This guy is a dousche and should be permanately banned from ever even being able to know wtf the Chive is, A$$ Bag Buddy F-er!!!

      • Greg

        Let me guess "Dickhead" you are or were a junior enlisted shitbag in the military huh?

    • 3INREGT

      Yeah yeah we all know 670-1. Soldiers are encouraged to disobey army regs all the time…let me catch one of my men wearing one and we'll see how "encouraged" they are. Chive doesn't have to worry about uniform and appearance. We do. KCCO

      • Bill

        Well said 3INREGT. Well said.

  • Mark

    Why always FF stuff. Put a pic of a BBQ and a bed on the shirt.

  • dagg nabbit

    the guy on the left shows you can be obese and still be a firefighter….gob bless you and you #3 combo…supersized!!!

  • Andrew

    any chance of law enforcement ones?????

  • RoMo478

    aint that a bitch, i never knew FF ones existed.. well guess i got screwed on that.

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