Military and Firefighter KCCO’s available now!

 Military and Firefighter KCCOs available now!

It’s been a while but the Military KCCO’s have finally returned RIGHT HERE. As y’all know, these are (very) limited run KCCO’s so please make sure if you’re NOT part of the Armed Forces that you’re purchasing a shirt for one of them, not yourself.

And for the first time ever, we proudly present the Firefighter KCCO’s RIGHT HERE. Yes, they are awesome.

As ever, good luck and godspeed!

UPDATE: All sizes in Military and Firefighter SOLD OUT.

  • jay

    Uggg firefighters? Seriously? How about Law Enforcement? I know we don't travel in packs to the gym, or cook chili on duty, but I think we need some Chive love too….

  • Jack

    fuck you all who arent military.

    tried ordering it for my squad and all sold out

    and fuck you chive, you could make so many more shirts, instead you dissapoint.


    seriously?!?! who was the fucking moron from this site who only ordered 100 shirts to sell?!?!?!? little hint people, if you are selling out in minutes…order thousands or tens of thousands more!!!

  • ChrisLFD

    Seems like a lot of cops are whining about not getting some chive appreciation.

    You know what firefighters and cops have in common? We both took the firefighter entrance exam. KCCO from a Texas Firefighter!

    • Kat

      Ha…never took it, always wanted to be a cop. Like another poster said, we're all in this together. I love and look out for my firefighters…so don't let my house burn down LOL

    • HPD

      What About those Police Officers That Are Public Safety? They Do both Police and Firefighting. My Department I had to go through the Fire Academy, Medic Training, and Police Academy. Both go out risking their lives everyday. Don't you think Police Deserve Respect Too?

  • Hooah

    Excuse me sir but i think the only one being a douche here is might not be a soldier until after BCT but you are part of the family the moment you decide to enlist. Even making that decision is huge. These future soldiers look up to people who are in the military to show them the way and how to be a better soldier and you are a prime example of what not to be. Either way, i still hope you KCCO.

    • AIrborne82nd

      That was said well, I am in the Military and when i enlisted I looked up to those men and woman who served. I just think The Guy was saying that so many people enlist, and then there are those Few who try everything they can to drop out of the military. I have seen it in Basic, Before Deployments and During Deployments. When you go through basic training PLEASE DON'T wear the KCCO shirt. It is against AR-670-1, But when you get to your home Unit, and you get to learn how your command is, i say ROCK THAT KCCO SHIRT (your commander will prob have one on too) The Guy was right you will get smoked for wearing it in BCT, and in BCT its your whole Platoon that gets in trouble for one guys mistake. Good Luck in BCT, its a good place to remember to KCCO.

  • Luke

    Wow. For all the people bitchin' I think you need to review what the 'KC' part stands for. Oh, and FF t-shirts are silly. Paramedics do all the real work.

  • Paramedic

    Police/fire/EMS/military, enlisted heroes and civilian ones are all relevant and work together every day. No one agency can keep society at bay by themselves. Everyone chill the hell out. Keep calm and be patient.

  • Hannah

    My brother is the best firemen a small town could ever have. When these get back in stock…it's goin' DOWN.

  • Alan

    I still have my military kcco shirt and love it! To all my brothers still serving god bless! CHIVE ON!!

  • Old Guard

    Blue falcons everywhere! Another Veteran shirtless….but i know the tricks of the trade now. So i will continue to KCCO! I hope to continue seeing fellow service members rocking these military shirts….you see one on the street and you know they are a fellow brother/sister of the armed forces!

    P.s. anyone with a large green?

  • Shariff Mohd Faizal


  • Anonymous

    I had email notification on and my internet for two days during which all the military KCCO shirts sold out. I guess I’ll have to make my own.

    Helmand Afghanistan.

  • danny

    Wow, these shirts go like butter. it's been 24 hours and they're all gone. -Cpl Jimenez USMC

  • BlueCanary

    We gonna see any police KCCOs anytime in the future?? Hmmm?

  • EMT Chiver

    I love the FF and Military KCCOs since what they do is amazing. Can an EMT/Medic KCCO be in the making? As an EMT i know my crew works hard in some crazy situations and we all chive through the shift when not on calls. Thanks

  • guard

    Hey chive How about a law enforcement shirt for us boys in blue?

  • Eric Davis

    Anyone else disappointed that they are printed on regular old cotton tees? :/

  • Martin

    Need a few Navy shirts for my shipmates!!

  • Tereza

    I think its a screenshot from OverHaulin, Chris Titus, had a Expedition rekerwod. In the final test drive, made a joke about cruising 120mphs at only 2grand. Funny. He was also on a side street.

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