Now that’s a wedding anniversary gift (16 Photos)


  • humperdink

    Nice work

    • bamboofloor

      Not really that difficult.

      • nicksortof

        Didn't even put in granite.

      • Ethix_

        It has nothing to do with the difficulty level, douchenozzle. He did something nice and unorthodox for his wife for their anniversary.

        • Emzilla

          I was hoping to see her reaction. 😦

        • nicksortof

          If it's not worth doing right then don't bother doing it at all.

    • the chive sucks

      This web site sucks. It would be a million times better if there were no comments.

    • Manny

      Just go to Home Depot, pick up some Mexican's, and have them turn that into a Top Chef kitchen in 1 day.

  • woosaa

    got it

    • r@f

      forgive me for not being Wowed. But great job! You're getting laid tonight.

  • shawn

    too bad we didn't get a reaction shot. still pretty impressive, I would have gone with a hallmark.

    • black27696

      He asked her a few weeks ago to go to the store with him and look at stuff. She picked everything out and he made a copy of the list and sent it to his dad. His dad picked everything up and brought it over friday morning so they could get to work.

    • Gusto

      That is what I was thinking, "Where are the reaction video/photos?"

  • M-Shizz

    someones gettin laid…

    • Mike Przewlocki

      and a sandwich from a newly remodeled kitchen!

    • SulsaKnight

      Yeah, hopefully it wasn't just the new floor that got laid.

    • andrew

      he deserves anal for that job

      • man hands

        why would he want to get fucked in the ass by his wife.

    • herp ferp

      Why? who cares its his wife..

  • Ryan Marie Pendarvis

    That's love!!!

    • Dan

      Oh geez! All that talk about love is making my dick soft!

    • SuperDanMan4290

      love makes anyone do crazy things. or extraordinary things.



    • not love money

      NO that is not love that is money I mean "industrial sander" fuck my life i would love to do these things for my wife but that shit aint happening we are to broke so F you chive this is bull you bunch of Cali prudes i hate you people just post more pictures of you womens tits and lets move on

  • Dazed

    Instant happy sex when she walked in.

    Well done sir!

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      Hopefully be remembered to reinforce the countertop cuz I'm sure it got worked pretty hard when she walked in…


    • Dan

      That depends on how long they have been married for…

      If they were married less then 2 years, yep, got some instantly…
      if they were married for more then 2 but less then 5, yep, just not right away…
      if they were married for more then 5 but less then 10, probably not but possibly later that night if the kids go to sleep…

      now, if they are married for more then 10 years, no sex and she is bitching about the colors and how she liked the old kitchen better!

  • joe

    #1 #16

    • Bhodi

      I think the refrigerator should have been put back where it was originally, looks odd there. But seriously, awesome work for a DIY project.

      • mikeie

        Fridge was moved so he had room to add a dishwasher #16

        • Bhodi

          looks to me like the dishwasher was in the corner under the window in the before pic, no?

          • james

            It is but, it's a detached dishwasher. they have to roll it to the sink and hook it up each time to use it!!! That sucks (been there done that). I do agree that I also don't like the fridge by the door. But not my kitchen. I'm sure they like it as it is. Good Work for such a short time.

    • Geo

      I think the back door is blocked by the fridge, not to say that this guy didn't kick some kitchen butt. We may not have a reaction shot because she tried to get in through the back door… derp!

  • usmc_chiver

    #13 #14 – those look like the same boards. Just stained. Deff not replaced.

    • twd22285

      don't be a dick!

      • usmc_chiver

        I'm not being a dick. I think he did an awesome job! I just said he didn't "replace" the wood… as lello_bayb below said, that was the first time it was laid down…

    • lello_bayb

      LOL if you look at the picture #12 you will notice he never had wood floors but laminate or tile… laid down the wood floor than stained it

      • shelbymac

        Thats a old style of sheet flooring, similar to linoleum.
        You can see the seams in the original wood floors under the tar paper.
        I have run in to this several times in older homes. It used to be common practice for people to put tar paper over hardwood before they laid carpet or sheet flooring over it.

      • that dude

        You had it nailed until you used THAN instead of THEN. I have to take my thumbs up back now. I'm sorry. I'm not mad. Just disappointed. 😦

    • Russ

      Look at the first picture. No wood. The man bought unfinished wood and then stained it.

      • Shiguy

        Um…..that is just carpet, and I have myself taken out carpet that was covering a wood floor. So it is possible he pulled the carpet and padding, sanded and then stained it……..anyhow, get you some there man! great work! KCCO

        • hello please

          It's not carpet. Look closer at the grate mid left picture.

    • Randy

      #12 – #13 do not look like the same floor pal

      • dutch

        idiot, that's the wooden sub flooring. the VCT was cemented onto it with a tar backing that as the post said, had to be ground down with an industrial sander, hence the black you see between the sub flooring boards. that's also why they're 2" wide boards not 4" like all floring that you would lay would be.

        how do i know? a) i'm observent; b) i've done this myself.

        • shelbymac

          That's not the sub floor it's the original wood floors in the house. Sub floors are generally ply wood, larger tongue-in-groove planks, or I have even seen 1" strips used.

      • jmoasahkua

        You are right they are not the same floor. 12 is the linoleum he pulled up and 13 is the sub-floor….his floor boards. He didn't lay a new floor our buy unfinished wood. What he did was pull up the linoleum, sand off the glue and then stain the floor boards. Thats why there is that stray board in there which is clearly a patch job.

        Look at the distance between the bottom of the wall and the start of the floor in the two pictures.

      • Geo

        that is padding in #12, you can see the seams between the squares.

    • myself

      Did you even read the caption under 13. It says he spent all night laying the new hardwood floor. I really hope you're trying to troll and not being serious.

      • dutch

        the captions were obviously written by someone who doesn't know squat about construction. just b/c some intern at the chive wrote that he spent all night replacing the floor, doesn't make it true. if he was going to "replace" the floor, why waste the time grinding the adhesive – as shown in the two posts above that where the floor looks black and the caption says "they used an industrial sander to grind the tar backing"

      • usmc_chiver

        Really, cause I learned the read in 'Merica, and the words "lay," "laying," and "laid" appear nowhere in that sentence. The word "replace" does, however, appear. And my comment was that he did not REPLACE any wooden floors.

        So no, I'm not being a troll. Yes, I am being serious. And you, sir (madame?), clearly did not read the whole string before throwing your 2 cents in, because that's clearly outlined near the top.

        • TheDarkKnight

          Let's go with a poorly worded caption… regardless, the word "replace" is accurate when describing what was done because the word "replace" means either "to take the place of" or "to provide or find a substitute for"

          He had one floor before he started – he REPLACED it with a different floor

          The caption reads "Then the man spent all night replacing the hardwood floor." when, perhaps, what it should have read was "Then the man spent all night replacing the floor with hardwood".

          In either case the sun will continue to rise in the east and set in the west so, as a result, none of our "worlds" has been impacted.

          Oh, and bravo on a fantastic "under the gone" renovation. I've been there, and done that 3 times now myself and never in two days time.

          • TheDarkKnight

            "under the gun" that is…

            • @BuckeyeEmpire

              How do all of you give this many fucks? Dude did a great job, got laid, story over.

    • Mighty

      Rabble rabble rabble rabble!

  • Philip

    Well done!

    • Jen

      husband of the fucking year!

  • Retired Navy

    And what did he get??? Probably a neck tie!

    • Amanda

      Life's not about what YOU get in return. He wanted to do something nice for his wife. Don't be an ass!

      • Dan

        Of course its not about what YOU want… your a guy… just take your necktie and shut the fuck up, right! I do believe Retired Navy was trying to state, women are not thoughtful when it comes to gifts!!

        • Emzilla

          I guess all women are the same? I'm quite thoughtful when it comes to gifts. It's just that men are easy. Women want nice things, tidy things, usually (new kitchen, yay!)… men want blow jobs (orgasm, yay!) Very simple.

          • Bogus

            lol. Don't forget bacon and boobs πŸ˜‰

            • Emzilla

              Sorry. How could I forget! I made the boyfriend breakfast this morning, I used an entire package of bacon. Also, boobs.

            • ghostofmlg

              And sammiches – with bacon on 'em.

              • Emzilla

                I had one of those for lunch today! All this bacon talk has me thinking about bacon constantly. If you check out chive's facebook page, I just posted our midnight snack, which is bacon-wrapped pork chops. Bacon is for winners.

          • HatBomb

            There are also plenty of women in the (orgasm, yay!) department.

          • Dan

            And those simple gifts you are talking about that men want all go away with marriage… his name is Retired Navy, hence, married for quite a long time, hence, no surprise blow jobs…

            • Emzilla

              Are you married, Dan?

              • Dan

                Divorced… let me guess, you can tell why, right? It just so happens I happened to be the thoughtful one in my marriage… All I ever got was a bottle of cologne and some fucking clothes I never asked for… And I was married for 12 years! I must have (no lie) 15 bottle of cologne yet and I have been divorced for over 8 years!

                • Emzilla

                  Well it's not my fault your wife was such a failure! Not all women are the same, sir. I'm also divorced, however. Then again, he thought I looked fat when I was pregnant, and decided to fuck my friend. Jokes on him. I can cook, clean, I'm a photographer, and I'm not ashamed of blow jobs. πŸ˜€ My boyfriend got a ChiveTee from me… and video games, and back-massages. Not all women fail at loving generously, just the lazy ones that think pussy runs the world.

          • Really

            Actually, men do want blow jobs… just not ONLY on special occasions!! It seems to me you use sex as a tool to get what you want, as most women do, and its a way to give… (wait for it)…. a gift that is NOT thoughtful!!

            • Emzilla

              Well women want surprise things, too. I just meant special occasions specifically. I was going to comment on how I don't use sex as a tool, but.. just the other day my boyfriend won a roll on a piece of tier gear my hunter needed on Ultraxion, and well. I totally did sexual favors for World of Warcraft gear. πŸ˜›

              • MylesofStyles

                I have the Krol Decapitator sword in my pants.

                • Emzilla

                  Sorry, my item level is 394. Your 359 does not impress, I mean.. it's not even a 2-handed weapon. πŸ˜‰

                  • Adventurer

                    Warcraft really.. it had to come to this? comon guys and girls haha

                    • Emzilla

                      Emzilla on Tortheldrin, I'm just sayin'. πŸ˜‰

    • matt

      he could have just beat off while she was gone for free….

      • Dan

        Or brought over his non-nagging mistress…

  • MylesofStyles

    So many kitchen shots, and none with women in them. Creepy.

  • Xsoldier2000

    That's one way to keep her in the kitchen….

  • Shant1k

    glad you renovated the right room for her

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #13 What's with the strange random board on the floor?

    • woW

      Character!! πŸ™‚

    • jmoasahkua

      It's the sub-floor aka the floor boards. He pulled up the linoleum, sanded off the glue and leveled out the floor boards then stained them. That odd board is a repair or replacement someone did earlier. Likely when they were putting in the linoleum.

      • dutch

        it was most likely where someone removed a wall at some point.

        • Kimbo

          good call!!!

  • Kcruz09

    now make me a sammich!

  • Sade

    #16 The look on her face when she enters! ♥ Someone's gettin' some tonight!

  • Adam

    I painted our whole house on a weekend as a random surprise for my wife. Where's my parade?

    • OOOh

      You should have taken pictures and sent it to the internet. I hope at least you got some for your trouble.

    • HatBomb

      And then she decided she didn't like the color… πŸ˜‰

  • Michael

    If she didn't give him the world's most incredible hummer for that, he should bail.

  • ladderzombie

    Like a boss.

  • SlimtwigMJ

    Wish I had the craftsman chops to do something like this :\

    • dutch

      there was nothing complicated there.

      please return your man card

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      Gotta start somewhere…round up buddies who've done it before and start sledging shit out of the house. that'll get your knowledge base going.


      • HatBomb

        This is the sort of advice that leads to divorce, not blow jobs.

  • @nickinwarcal

    this is one of those movies that leads up to something big but nothing happens

  • ChrisO

    A happy wife is a happy life!!!

    • NeoGh0st

      But a fat wife is an ex wife!

    • ghostofmlg

      Rule number 1 there.

  • Anon

    Adding the dishwasher was probably the best part.

    • misschris

      I guess, but she woulda been home any minute…

    • Verbal_Kint

      I thought the dishwasher left for the weekend…?

      • fchezenko

        you beat me to it… my dishwashers name is Dawn, 35 Aries

    • B Dub

      To load my dishwasher, I just give her a glass of wine.

  • Chezenko

    are u tellin me she out of the kitchen for 44 hours straight ? that's just wrong

  • @pro7otype

    He must have REALLY wanted her to stay in the kitchen

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