Now that’s a wedding anniversary gift (16 Photos)


  • FoolOfATook

    If my wife did something like that for me, I'd definitely have sex with her.

    • man hands

      You would be the only one.

  • WarEagle_Kowboy

    Making the rest of us look bad

  • Biff K.

    She was obviously a slob anyway so she'll turn it into a pigpen in a month. Should have spent the money on a lawyer.

  • Scoobysnaks

    U R Doing it Right! Mama happy, Daddy happy!

  • abchiver

    She must be a ninja, because I don't see her in the kitchen.

  • Leigh

    I gotta admit having a great kitchen does keep me in there longer and more often 😉

    • supersport

      Someone will need to build you a dream kitchen then.

  • TCSthesecond

    Kitchen > Perfume

  • MakeShift

    44 hours… I have done better and faster.

  • Dantegeek34

    VERY nice work! I wish we could have seen her reaction though!

  • @electroleum

    So the fridge now blocks the door?

  • Nate Howe

    Awesome! Still, though, tile floors > hardwood, in the kitchen. Jussayin'.

  • rogerdodger

    this guy definitely got the fucking of his life when his wife came back

  • Arcot Ramathorn

    that is worth at least a handjob

  • Smithsmithsmithsmith

    New kitchen = Pound Town

  • DHop

    So now you can't use the door as there's a fridge in front of it?

  • Rubes27

    Like Cars? German Ones?

    Come visit my blog!:

    All Cars. All Awesome. All of the Time.

  • Kyle

    Solid E for effort. Check out that counter top overhang; See how strong pressboard is when someone tries to sit on it…

  • @Tom_in_NC

    Bastard.. Don't let my wife see these pictures.

  • Crazy_Jake

    I sure hope thats the kitchen she wanted or someone is in deep shit.

  • regteg

    Looks like Bob frequents Reddit on the reg.

  • Toby

    Black tile backing most likely contains as asbestos. Contractors normally don't touch that and just layer on top of it.

  • goldengekko1

    top bloke most guys would have sat and watched the game with some beers but this man stepped up the game and thought of his wife so fair play to the guy i bet he KCCO when she got home 😀

  • JaromeIginla

    Am I the only one who thought this was funny because I confused the dishwasher with a laundry machine.

  • Alex Leclear

    I got that bitch a new kitchen, bitches love new kitchens

  • WalmartClass

    That rug is from Walmart. I have the matching floor runner. Super cute

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