Now that’s a wedding anniversary gift (16 Photos)


  • Sean

    Excellent work. That's some shit, and most of you "critics" are either actual carpenters/floor installers/counter top guys/etc…or have no idea what a hammer looks like. Or perhaps, have not experienced a woman, and then spent enough time with her to appreciate her and then pour everything you have at your disposal into making her smile. Good day. Kudos to this man, it's clear that his Father brought him and his brother up the right way.

  • MikeT

    Wonder if he realized that there was no plumbing on the right side of the kitchen for his dishwasher, hehe.

    • Rawtashk

      Original submitter of pictures here….I was fully aware of the lack of plumbing, which is why I ran new lines under the floor and tied into the existing plumbing 🙂

  • Bob berbowski

    Hardly a remodel…more like putting lipstick on a pig.

  • kazinvan

    Now make me a sammich woman.

  • Chris

    Look at the last picture then scroll to the first, He took out the ugly tile backing, repainted, fixed the lighting overhead, moved the fridge so she could have a brand new dishwasher. On top of all the other shit? this guy is well.. a man and i think a lot of you neigh Sayers should take a lesson from him and stop thinking that everything just magically happens when you give people money. Take some initiative and you might surprise yourself with what you are capable of doing.

  • BeenThruThisBefore

    Props to this guy. Hope he got "rewarded" but for anyone that's been married for a while knows, after the reward the wife starting talking about replacing the appliances to match the new decor. He's out at least $1000 – $3000.

  • Loughms

    I tried the same thing….but it turned into gutting the entire kitchen….I had to rebuild the floor, put up dry wall….next is tile, counters and then ceiling. I wish I know how much of a pain in the ass it was going to be. I would have waited until I had the money to pay a contractor to do it for me. Anyone want to help me this weekend? I have beer.

  • ksc

    still looks like a trailer

  • Tyler

    Did you have that adhesive checked for asbestos before you used a floor sander and turned the "tar" into dust?

  • sup

    nice renovation but without a reaction shot this is simply a dude who remodeled a kitchen… ive dont that, wheres my chive page?

  • Awful

    Such a nice surprise, but what a shitty place to put the fridge.

  • That guy

    Good now his woman can put it to use.

  • Outlaw

    I'm willing to bet that many fucks were given upon her arrival home.

  • Elizabeth Davis

    Chive, I don't care if there's no pictures of the man. Find him.

  • papaerdollcollage

    thats insane!!!! major props for thats hubby

  • Agent21

    He probably STILL didn't get any. Instead I bet she bitched because the refridgerator is now in an extremely inconvenient spot in relation to the door opening….

  • First year

    What a great gift. Good thing he actually finished before she got home.

  • Rawtashk

    Should have commented on the original Reddit post that you were going to make a Chive post as well! I would have been answering questions left and right here also!! 🙂

  • Rawtashk

    AOL contacted me about doing a story on their Real Estate site. It's here

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