Self-portraits done to a different drug every day (45 Photos)

Via Bryanlewissaunders

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  • hazzarduswaste

    I call serious bullshite on this one also. for one several of the substances cited are very short acting, i.e. salvea,nitrous,gas,ect. the guy is a fake. from an experienced drug user. I have used at least 85% of stated drugs. i could break it down line and verse. but whats the point any real drug user knows this guy is full of it.

  • tyler

    the first time he did this he looked like a young dennis quaid. now he looks like a retarded loius c.k…. haha just kidding dont track me down and murder me crazy guy..

  • Peter Clark Bowen

    interesting but really messed up drugz are bad ok ;0

    • Oraeb

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  • Some girl

    Working in a pharmacy, I must say that there is no way that this article can be validated on the grounds that the drugs he did before each drawing affected each outcome. Obviously, most of the drugs named above alter the mindset, however with only single-day use, one could not have such adverse effects to change the mind. It can take up to 2 weeks (sometimes longer) for a drug/medication to alter the brain in a measurable way. If you buy into this, you are naive. Neat premise, and I wish I could believe it; but there is no way that BECAUSE of each drug, the drawings came out so variant.

  • David T.

    Looks like he really is a wild drug painter. I don't call bullshit. I call this man is the friend of Larry The Lizard

  • Sudevi

    Seemed like an ad for Zyprexa, maybe?

  • Megan Jones

    I'd like to see a progression of photos of his brain!

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  • livingalembic

    it's like I'm walking on sunshine!!

  • Shawn

    Cephalexin is an antibiotic. One dose wouldn't even give you a decent case of the runs.

  • Liz Tarditi

    My 11 year old has a syndrome and needs to take two of these drugs every day. For her, they make all the difference in her being able to make it through a (specialized) school day, and give her some normalcy in her daily life, but her brain is wired very, very differently due to a major (and very rare) chromosome deletion. This artwork is very interesting, and touches me as a Mom, because I've probably wondered a million times what it is like inside my daughter's brain from her perspective with and without the help of medication. It took us so long to find the right molecules to help her brain chemistry, and the warnings and side effects are so terrifying, that I can't imagine tampering with these meds for recreation… but this art speaks to me of my daughter's experience. Thank you to the artist.

  • Alastair

    Sad this guy used 90% pharmaceuticals

    I like how his most colourful and happy paintings were from Weed, Mushrooms, and Salvia.. goes to show what good some drugs have and what evil others have (Meth, benzos, antipsychotics)

  • iandustrial

    dude, lay off the pharmies! I wanna see the DMT portrait.

  • lyn

    How come some drawings are good and some are like they are just drawn by 5yr old???

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  • bizoune

    Where's LSD, extacy and Ketamine?

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  • Sindee

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  • Marcus

    You believe this? :DDDD Not much of them have psychodelic effect. And when you are on psychodelic, you are nearly unable to draw, so…

  • Jaboz

    Illustrates the deranging effects of systematic drug-taking. Drugs do not improve artistic skills. Should be a health warning to all those tempted.

  • tyler

    How is he not dead.

  • ness

    ok so there are 2 reasons that this is dumb, one is that he clearly isn't a normal non-druggy- because someone like me would NEVER do that, even for arts sake (and i am am an artist)… maybe some type of prescription pills or but one after the other when the body doesnt have time to detox… and it just makes me sad and sick for him… and other other is that if you look at nicotine gum really? that just shows that he doesnt let the substane really take over. so its a dumb excuse to just take drugs

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