The only word I have for these girls is “huggable” (37 photos)

  • Ryobi

    #15 FTMFW!

  • P90

    #11 #13 #34

  • artty

    huggable maybe…F**kable yeah baby

  • JustTrollin

    #1 Holy Shit! You need to find this girl and bring us MOAR!!!!

  • Ryan

    A lot of these girls look like rich valley girls with the extreme annoying voices. The ones that want daddy to get them an expensive car and everything else

  • ccutting1313

    #1 and #27 your glares are electric!!! #KCCO from Chris in Denver!

  • Sam Urquidi

    #33.. it is my duty to please that BOOTY!

  • kote

    #16 my God….will you marry me!!!! big beautyful eyes, bright smile and soft nice lips…the rack is a plus^_^

  • Burnt

    6 and 13 plz

  • Greg Kirn… wow she is out of this world gorgeous marry me

  • Greg Kirn

    27 wow she is out of this world gorgeous marry me

  • Coal clean

    #34 I love milla kunis

  • Wally21

    #21 so fucking gorgeous !

  • wrench

    Huggable AND fuggable !

  • Cali_Jangi

    #13 what i would do for a shot at a girl like this…

  • Sven Inge Nøkling
  • dale_doback

    i think I'm in love..#13

  • ParkChiver

    By far my favorite post! #1, #2, #15,#16, #27, #30.. All women I didn't think existed since their perfect.

  • Steve

    #13 is the cutest find her please!!!! O yea I need a hug!

  • tony

    and by huggable you mean…

  • Jay-Z (That Jay-Z)

    Huggable… this is a new description of these women to me

  • Ducati 999R

    ariana grande wow….wait are those footie pajamas? NOT FOOTIE PAJAMAS! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU

  • Anthl1

    Wow #9 is outstanding and find her!

  • Trevor Seager

    Aw, can we have more posts like this?

  • kevin

    #24 is ugly i wouldnt even hug her

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