The only word I have for these girls is “huggable” (37 photos)

  • A guy!

    #2, #15, #30… just one hug? Please?

  • Demko

    Great topic! Loved it!

  • Cake

    Yeah if you call me tounge punching their fart boxes hugging then sure they're very "huggable"!

  • David

    #22 Will you Marry me ???!! W O W

  • ElJefe

    Ha huggable? Ya to say the least

  • timmuh

    I'm thinking we have a different ideas of what "huggable" really means <,,,,>


  • jode72

    #24 is just cute as a damn button. I could sop her up with a biscuit.

  • Willdawg

    For the love that all is holy! Find her MEOW!!!

  • xoxoooxxxoxo


    Worthy of a spot in the Hump Day section!


    Very cute, indeed!

  • millertime

    "Huggable"………hmmm think you just earned another 5000 friend zone points.

  • Leo

    #27 is the definition of true beauty! A complete stunner! Probably the best looking I have ever seen on here, except my wife!!!

  • skeet

    #1 It's ok, I'll make my own sandwich….and I'll clean the dishes when I'm done too!!!

  • Andrew

    #13 is that you britney?

  • ggg

    Well I hope they where at lease 18 and I was not thinking huggalbe

  • schroederrock

    Yeah I can see huggable for some of these gorgeous ladies. Many are flat out hawt! Why don't all these girls ever want to hang with me in my black spray painted mini van that has "free candy" scratched on the side!?

  • Yoggi

    Probably the best post I've seen on the Chive. This should become a weekly thing.

  • @fchezenko

    I can think if at least a dozen other adjectives to describe these beauties

  • Chief

    More Post like this PLZ! ;D

  • Roy Prewit

    #13 is killing me.

  • The DK

    #18 Next time your in cincy, you can be my boss

  • Mark

    I feel like Chris Hanson was going to bust through my door while I was viewing this thread

  • NP1972

    She needs a bit more than a hug!!!

  • Titlap

    You're not allowed to use the #13 picture ! Please delete it.
    PleaSe read the conditions of use of the owner of the picture on flickr !

  • Anonymous

    Are 13 and 15 that attractive or do they sandwich an ugly 14?

  • thekujo

    I want one! why not me??

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