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  • Jacki

    Nothing better then the chive!!! ❤

    • Morgan Freeman

      Well.. there are some things. #29 #16 #3

    • MonkeyMadness

      There are lots of things better THAN your spelling.

      • Dustin

        Actually he spelled his word correctly, just the wrong word.

    • cat hammer

      Except blow jobs…..

    • Ya It's Me


    • Dick

      *than* you fucking retard

  • Luis Diaz


  • Cdnclipper


    • MrStiggy91

      I believe you're trying to say first in Spanish, it's primero, not primo. Primo means cousin you dumbass first troll.

      • pirate

        or he/she speaks Italian poorly.

  • MaceofBass

    #34 Flying Saucer?! Live near the one on the lake in Rockwall, Tx. Great beers and great servers!

    • Alec James Dohanich

      Love the Saucer!

    • William Clint Taylor

      Ha! I am near the Addison Saucer. Love that place!

    • Dude

      just got back from the one in downtown ft. worth! Love that place and damn near all the girls are that nice!

      • Tyler Durden

        I live 3 blocks from the one downtown. Can't figure out why I'm always broke and hung over.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #3 great God in Heaven, Please let us see MOAR of this angel

    • knotmee

      gross skin

      • Emzilla

        Show me yours?

        • pirate

          Love the freckles. fuck Knotmee.

          • Marco

            Love LOVE the freckles. Fucking hot!!

        • knotmee

          why? so then both of us can show our gross skin?

    • Morgan Freeman

      Love the freckles. So beautiful.

    • well

      Holly Moley

    • Kato

      I know this sounds wrong but I wanna slap dat ass so bad.

    • guest

      Time for a game called "connect the dots"

  • earl of cantebury

    I love being white!

    • lothar jackson

      what's wrong with you? Its not cool being white.

      thumbs down player hater.

      • burt reynolds

        He didn't say being white is cool, he said he loved being white. To some people there are more important things than being cool. Like having a job, a good credit score, dating white women after our college eligibility runs out…
        you mad bro?

        • @JJrrake

          Hahhaha its true tho if it was a choice i think wed all reup on white.

          • Jasper

            congrats on having a positively rated comment.

            • Chiven

              Man you got him with that one

              • whitey


              • @JJrrake

                Hahah thanks but jaspers being sincere

    • Morgan Freeman

      I love being alive! Fuck all the color BS.

      • foul83

        You hating on dead people? Not cool, bruh. Ha ha ha.

    • Tigerlily

      I love being smart!

    • I am your father

      I love boning your mom…YEE HAW!!

  • Calcman

    #34 I'll take whatever kind of aid she wants to give me…

    • Truth

      as long as it isn't AIDS.

      • Magic Johnson

        I wish I would've thought of that 😦

  • Bob

    I think we can all agree we need Omar of # 54

    • George

      Lol Omar ? I think u mean moar

    • Lothar Jackson

      ha ha Omar. I didn't know you were into arabs!

      • calm down

        Omar is a latino name, moron

    • @JJrrake

      Yea 100 percent

  • Calcman

    #54 Want to touch the heinie…

    • Lothar Jackson

      wish i could do more than touch playa!

      Play on Playa, Play on!

    • guy

      WE MUST HAVE MOAR OF THESE TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • onethirdjewman

      Am I the only one who thinks that hand looks really, really weird? Like, it looks like there's a baby behind them sticking its hand through.

  • tim

    #21 wins best of the week!

    • foul83

      Yeah, dude. This chick is awesome.

    • 29er

      uhhh…I actually know this person. I taught her when she was in high school…

      • @JJrrake

        Idk man pics can be deceiving

        • DaddyD

          He recognized the open mouth and the bra.

        • Chiven

          So are you actually a fag wearing a plain gray t-shirt or is you picture deceiving me?

          • @JJrrake

            Im a fucking gazelle. A beautiful beautiful gazelle person.

            Plus i was referring to his recognition of her, not her looks. Like every girl posted, shes obviously not ugly, which is y i hate wheb people comment on the obvious

            • @JJrrake

              Plus my gloves, drawls,, socks, tees all made by ralph lauren
              No shades just my eyballs watchin em

    • John Knolhoff


  • johnnystyle25

    #25 That's a heckuva bartender!

    • hootie

      and those tits don't even look fake…jesus what a woman-

    • mopmonkey

      Nice grip…must be a golfer.

    • Derby

      What a beautiful lady!

    • mhmm

      shitty beer though

    • 385indogyears

      I LOVE the way you grip, baby…damn!!!

  • patov40

    #32, #54 — My winners this week. Great weekend everybody!! B)

    • Trinitiger

      #32 – Worst caption ever???

      • patov40

        If you ever worked in a restaurant/bar, it would make more sense to you. Always someone rolling in five minutes before the kitchen closes, keeping everyone there an extra 30-45 minutes or longer. It's part of the deal, but that doesn't mean it doesn't suck. :@

  • Larry

    #3 Uhhh-mazing body #54 now kiss…

  • Sean

    #21 OMFG please MOAR!!

    • snowman

      PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE give us moar. I love you.

  • Steve


  • James

    #34 oh hank god you're here

    • jasgat66

      Didn't know her name was hank god….. Thanks for the heads up…

  • James

    #11 man you drive a hard bargain, i think i'll go with beer

  • James

    #16 if anyone's curious, shes from Me in My Place, and shes absolutely spectacular

    • Paula_

      No! Fucking! Way!
      So the "Me In My Place" text on the photo means she's posted on some "Me In My Place" site?
      Oh good lord like I'm sooooo like dazzled by like your investigative skills.

      Please, while I regain myself, could you tell me how I can find that "Me In My Place" site?
      I could never find it without your astonishing detective skills, so please please enlighten me.

      [EDIT] Since obviously you must be very busy I tried to find her myself, but so far all I can come up with is this:
      PLEASE HELP!!11!!!

      – "Me In My Place" means: from "Me In My Place"! Who knew!?

      • KCCO bitchez

        Wow Someone's on their rag no need to take it out on a guy trying to help out some peeps who wer too busy checking this awesome fine dime of a lady out!!

      • Nick

        Wow yea you must be on your rag or Stupid as hell to be searching hairy bears when you could be searching in my place to begin with retard. I get it your putting this guy on blast for typing som obvious shit but damn does that ever make you seem like a cunt!!! Hey try this try keeping calm and chiving on to another gallery amongst this fine site !!! Hey Paula you could try getting laid or not putting that tampon so far your vag cus it's starting to suck the blood out of your brain!!!

      • @JJrrake

        A simple no would have sufficed

    • werw

      I dunno… she kinda looks like a skank…

    • Max

      That chick will look so haggard in a couple years. That's a definite no go for me.

    • Joshua

      Her name is Alysha Nett, and she is gorgeous.

  • Trav1121

    #40 Ahahaha I NEED that shirt! And I don't even fish! Too funny.

  • Lothar Jackson

    not funny moron.

  • :)

    Got my KCCO shirt today. Game on. *wink wink! Pics to follow….soon!

    • everyguy

      shut it cunt. Just make with the sexy pics so we can check out your slut level. It better be high

      • You are an asshole

        So am I the slut you think I am douche bag? the other chivers dont seem to mind one bit. F you and the gay unicorn you road in on.

  • Kevin

    Actually my kid so why don't you come on over and I'll explain to you my feelings on that…..

  • foul83

    #10 This could be one of those "Now" and "20 years later" pics…

  • Rose3191

    #32 my newest girl crush

    • Angry Guy

      You and pedophiles everywhere. She's still 16.

      • vegeta

        but the dutch field hockey team isn't!

  • biggles


    lets face it, this girl is too hot for any of us.

    • ScottyDoesn'tKnow!

      Well, too hot for any of us on this website at midnight on a Friday night.

      • Morgan Freeman

        very true lol. myself included.

    • Okay Meme Face

      😦 okay…

    • @JJrrake

      No way guy. Hav u seen my twitpic??
      My form is perfect. Im like jerry rice or a gazelle. A beautiful beautiful gazelle person. My body has achieved a perfect symetry. Its that long lean muscle ive worked so hard to achieve. Shit i prob should hav popped my shirt off for that pic. Goddamnit i reaalllyy should have popped my shirt off

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