Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

  • joe

    #8 She's gotit!!!

  • Jordan Brown

    #10 Yer doing it right

  • Anonymous

    # 16…not that I was looking at her arm, but THAT’S AN INDIANA TATTOO….FIND HER!!!!!

  • 16inchzipper

    #44 Must've missed this one. HELL YEAH, I would do that in a heartbeat.

  • John Robert

    Photoshopped in every way. Let's see: will not pass code for lack of bannisters and guardrails.
    The corridor at the upper level at the right of the photo is too narrow, and not real. The stairs lack a rail.
    And IF this could be built (a certificate of occupancy could never be obtained) why would the owner want to assume the liability for falls, injury, and possible death of an inhatitant? No reason. This photo is not real. Cool, but not real.

    • TylerDurden

      Before you start spouting off, it's NOT photoshopped. True, it wouldn't pass American inspections, but it's because it's not in America. It's the Ribbon House in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. Designed by G2 Estudios.

  • Beeneverywhere

    #3 Why oh why … another expanse of gorgeous real estate spoiled by putting a garish advertising sign right in the middle! #8 isn't spoiled like that but she's way overdressed for such a gorgeous girl. #29 is more like it; lots of gorgeous, unspoiled, girl! And #34, why not erection aid? That would be something great! #39 is how to take an amazing looking girl and turn her into an ugly advertising gizmo. #54, why wasn't I invited to that gathering? Very nice ass. 

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  • Robert Toma

    interesting pics

  • 5.1

    #44 how about yeah!

  • loyal chiver

    #17 krusty the clown look-a-like……. you are doing it right

  • goldengekko1

    choosing between #52 and #54 is the hardest decision of my sunday so far 😛 KCCO

  • Luis Chacon

    #29 U're the most beautiful thing that I have ever seem!!!!! Are u real?????

  • Hank Moody

    #21 So this is what love at first sight feels like…

  • Todd J Husson

    #25 – I want to go to that bar!

  • Ballistik

    Please find #25. I mean come on, please? I said please ok now please do this for me. Please.

  • The_Hellequin

    #16 – Find her please!!

  • AWDsome

    Fuck yes! Flying Saucer!

    • AWDsome

      Lives a hour and a half away.
      [picture of kid celebrating something]
      Still goes at least once a month.

  • Mark

    Oh come on, there's a safety net under it! #44

  • Oscar

    #3 #8 #16 #54 These are the only ones I need, frankly

  • MohawkJon


  • Michael Majdanski

    #34 With me at


    Best Time ever.

  • Freedom Jackson

    If you had to start of with only one selection which would you choose?

  • Guest :)

    #39 epic underboob!! Hot-diggity!!

  • Daniel G. Figueroa

    #16 OH FUCK YEAH!! Ass and ink.


    #26 or his twitter

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