It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (31 Photos)

  • rob

    Love this shit.

    • Rob Sucks

      Shut up noob.

    • Gee

      How about you shut up Rob!

  • DP3


    • Giblets

      You spelt "turd" wrong

      • DP3

        I see what you did there

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #2 SOON!

  • crustybubblechunks

    #31 I'd love to know why the blow-up doll is wearing boxers

    • Jen

      to cover its genitals so its not embarassed!

    • Mia

      Boy blow up doll for a Bacheloretteee

    • Outlaw

      Because it's just trying to be classy.

    • timmymatt

      Because its cold out

  • Steve

    #16 find white bikini

    • Guest

      I endorse this idea

    • TeAm RaMrOd

      #16 find pink bikini!!

      • ...

        I think they sell it at walmart if not try boathouse

      • acoustrix

        Her name is Megan. I'll speak with her and see how she feels about theChive 😉

    • Bubba

      wtf is going on in this picture?!

      • acoustrix

        200+ person double decker boat part in Lewisville. For someone's bday. 90 guys, 110 girls. Lapdance competition, shakeweight competition, sponsored by Fuze and lots of BOOZE. It was last Sunday.

    • MylesofStyles

      <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

    • Marc Herzog

      Found it… The woman on the right is wearing it.

    • acoustrix

      She won the lapdance comp. Can't remember her name. Such an awesome boat party. Found her name… Jenna.

  • Chim Richels

    #5 – typical – fat ugly softball chicks. Why are all softball chicks fat? They play a damn sport. They should lose some weight.

    • Matt

      They only run like 15 yrd sprints at a time… It's not an endurance sport. Same in baseball with out-of-shape guys.

    • J. D. Rage

      still would

    • Rodion Butyrski

      Because it's not really a sport

  • Knob goblin

    Knob goblins

  • RhinosAreUnicorns

    If you got the image off a TV, is it still a photobomb?

  • IrishInNJ

    #21 Clothing maybe?

  • Zak


  • Logan Slogan

    This photobomb is ludicrous!

    • LowerCase McGee

      I know, right?! Why is that astronaut all dressed up to to a bar? It's Ludacris I tell you!

      • @nickinwarcal

        Luda Lion*

  • Turniptruk

    #26 That party is quite the sausagefest

    • Ummm

      Nothin' homo about a bromo.

    • TrippinBaaaaaaaaallz

      Which part? The shirtless guitar hero? The hugging fan club behind him? The full body embrace buddies behind them? The guy trying to escape from the girl in front of the projector?

    • Jezza67

      Party dog is awesome.

  • Whorebait

    Any other chivers going to peachfest???

    • John


  • Darrell


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  • guy

    #12 "you raaannnngg"

    • sithney

      star tours is the reason to go to hollywood studios, now that they made star tours so throwup-y

  • okss

    #16 I don't know what's going on here, but I want in on it!

    • McSmizzle

      He lost a bet and must endure her ripping ass.. The question is, with that view, who is the real loser???

  • Hrdwood

    #27 With a tongue like that, why is she moving away?

  • Da_Boz

    #12 You underestimate the sneakiness…

  • Letslightup

    Why have the guys at thechive not released a "Keep Calm and Blaze On" shirt with a pot leaf already?

    • Ummm

      Because that's a fucking stupid idea.

      • bcbigbuds

        because ignarent americans would rather glorify killing yourself with booze than be progesive and supprt somthing much safer

        • Guest

          I think you mean "ignorant". Wow. Poetic…

    • Cecil

      Because some of us grow up and stop getting high in the basement. We also learn to obey laws we disagree with, and change them BEFORE we break them. Pretty simple shit actually.

      Here's what's funny: $30 for a cheap sack. So all the potheads in America STOP SMOKING for like, two months right. That much money, should easily help sway legislative policy. However, instead, all the potheads smoke that money. They were going to go protest, but instead they dozed off playing goldeneye with cheetos in their laps.

      • chester

        i love cheetos

      • Productive Pothead

        Or some of us can balance between being very productive members of society AND be regular smokers. I'm sure I'm the pothead minority here but I have a full time and a part time job, practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 3x per week, pay my taxes, vote, and smoke weed daily. Hmm I guess I missed the memo where you have to smoke in a basement and do nothing with your life.

  • passwordistaco

    #10 Patty the daytime hooker?

    • Cecil

      She uh, looka lika man!

  • Rubes27

    Like Cars? German Ones?

    Come visit my blog!:

    All Cars. All Awesome. All of the Time.

    • BTI


      • Nope


    • LeeLee Diane

      shut up!

  • nick

    Taking pictures and driving…might as well be texting and driving…parenting fail.

    • Nick


    • red dragons

      what if she is parked. or she could be in a rocketship…

    • @nickinwarcal

      girls throat looks like it has been recently slit

  • Nick

    #9 is an idiot! Taking a pic in the car (I'm assuming) while driving with her kid in the back seat. I know, I should KCCO.

    • Harry Longbahls Jr

      Maybe she's parked, a-hole.

    • chill

      trees would be blurred ya racist

    • deleted9943363

      Wearing her seatbelt, she's probably at a stop sign or something. Though, I was thinking of the same thing. If I get at least a call on my cellphone, I tell them I'll call back when I've stopped. Little girl is probably like, "Mom?! DAFUQ! You're driving! Haven't you seen the ads for no texting and driving." =)

  • Rusticles

    #16 Yes please for the love of god find that chick in the white top & pink bottoms. Fucking bangin hot.

    • acoustrix

      I'll try to help bud. Friend of a friend of a friend yunno

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