Launch this week’s Choose your Ride (30 HQ Photos)

  • Jeff Mondelblatt

    Why? 1/2 ton car with 500 hp. Sexy car too

    • Chim Richels

      If you ever get a chance to ride in one, TAKE it.

      One of the Lambo owner guys at the dealership I go to just got one (the 4, not the 8) and I rode bitch in it. Pure face melting acceleration. Hard to describe, but with no body panels and almost a full panoramic view, it provides the most visceral driving experience I've ever had….and I was only the passenger. FANTASTIC car.

      • Jeff Mondelblatt

        Definitely. But sadly they only made 25 of the V8 and there already spoken for somewhere. I have still yet to see one of the 4s anywhere too.

        • Chim richels

          Chicago area. There's a Lambo guy (mentioned above) that has one and drives the hell out of it. He shows up at every 'Supercar Saturdays' in the area. Same guy I mentioned.

    • poop

      because racecar

  • Ass Man

    Anyone with a tail fin on their car probably has had a penis inside their mouth as well

    • Chim Richels

      Depends on the usage.

      For track? Often a necessity for downforce.

      For Civics on the street? Gay.

  • Alex

    #12 #19 if only I had the money….

  • COTE


  • Jade

    I'll take #32

  • jode72

    # #6 #12 #17, please. Y'all can fight over the Eurotrash.

    • Chim Richels

      So, a Koenissegg is 'eurotrash'? An Ariel Atom is 'eurotrash'? An Alfa 8C Competizione is 'eurotrash'?

      You are car stupid.

      Let's go further. The Cobra you pictured is, wait for it – a BRITISH ('eurotrash') car – the AC Cobra – that Carroll Shelby shoehorned a Ford V8 into. Most of the Cobra replicas you see on the street are from Superformance – a South African company. While not 'Eurotrash' certainly not redneck cars like the General Lee.

  • Rubes27

    Like Cars? German Ones?

    Come visit my blog!:

    All Cars. All Awesome. All of the Time.

  • JLBugbee

    # 30 Ariel Atom one of the coolest cars ever in my opinion.

  • jordan

    Can we get the names of the cars and a rough pricing?

    • Chim Richels

      Which ones? The ones you should care about:

      Koenissegg CCX
      Ariel Atom
      Alfa Romeo 8C
      Lambo Diablo
      Ferrari 458
      Audi R8
      Saleen S7
      Bugatti Veyron
      Noble M400
      Porsche 911 Variant

    • Poo Nuggets

      Google Image Search is your friend

  • J. D. Rage

    #3 #17 #19… #27 since we're dreaming

  • Suel21

    I only know about most of these cars because of Top Gear (UK) lol
    But Koenegsegg or Veyron all day

  • Bradyized

    #21 R8's are a winner by default for me. God I want one so bad

  • Michslpgt

    #5 Porsche's are bad ass.

  • DrFunkenstein

    #25 I choose you! Gimme dat Alfa.

  • BILL

    #34 wtf? #30 oh yes!

  • Poke4Life

    #30 & #32 look fun as shit!

  • OHChivette

    I'd take #5 or the Red truck in #23

  • MatFrat

    I'll take the cobras #4 #35

  • sic4x4chic

    #21 It's Friday, I think the R8 would do nicely as my designated ride for the day . . .


    #5 Love of my life…

  • Dan

    #20 Sweet ride

  • Huff

    Too many great cars, I can't choose.

  • mac daddy

    this whole "choose your ride" thing is stupid.

  • pooper

    i'll keep my 91 civic thanks. homemade hood scoops may be ugly but duck tape aint cheap

  • WmShip

    #13 I'll go ahead and pick the SLS. And I'd drive it every day.

    • Matty

      SLR dumby. As much as i like the SLS, the SLR destroys it, and its damn near impossible to get the two mixed up.

    • Max

      I am disappointed to see somebody mix these works of perfection mixed up with the SLS. Like Matty said, the SLS is great, but the SLR is a legend. One of my favorite cars of all time. What I wouldn't give to have one some day.

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