• Andrew

    Cute girl and Friendzoned at 2:50

  • BMFC

    Red Head FIND HER!!!!!!

  • Chris Leonard

    That was awesome!! The reactions had me cracking up. Good to see some people in the world still have a sense of humor

  • Marsupial

    That might be the most feel good video i have seen in a long time. This should be a coke commercial or something.

  • Scott Hoffman

    absolutely hilarious. laughed my ass off!!!

  • Kaitlyn Reese

    I. Can't. Stop. Laughing.

  • John Villani

    the video is made so much funnier when you know someone in the video

  • TinyTim

    Everyone here needs a good laugh and my good sir you have accomplished that. KCCO!!!!

  • Amber B.

    I want to sit on his Bob's face! This is awesome!!

  • Arnold

    just make my day =D tanQ =D

  • Darry

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  • Anon

    I'll take the guy in the white shirt around 2:15. He's gorgeous.

  • David Phillips


  • Kevin Balder

    I was just cracking up at all the reaction shots. Super funny!

  • Megalicious7

    Omg! I love this so much!

  • brasslass

    Not gonna lie…it was so funny I watched it twice.

  • High five

    This video has seriously brightened up a rough day for me and my wife. So fun watching people's reactions and how much fun Steve is having. Is awesome

  • David A. Kwiatkowski

    I loved the reactions more than the performer (although he was awesome). It's so nice to see good natured absurdity bring smiles!

  • Teagan

    A little sad how many guys know the words to this song and a little creepy how many bikini's this guy owns.

  • TreeHugR

    Comedic Gold

  • Russ

    at first i was like D:

    but then i was like 😀

  • Seth

    I have watched this 4 times now and I still can't stop laughing.

  • Virgiiniiadelia

    I just died of laughter. Thank you!

  • Leann Mosby Jones

    that was freakin awesome!!! who is this guy and does he do more crazy shit like this?

  • Anonymous

    […] Crazy Dude […]

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