Please, let me help you (30 photos)

  • Matt

    #19 Lol no, you're an idiot

    • TheItalian

      An idiot that probably votes and gets behind anything "green"…


    #21 I'm not going to help, I'll just watch.

  • Gallus

    #15 – I laughed harder than I should have.

  • drod

    #21 – the winner!

  • ray pallari

    # 19
    The person that thinks this is air pollution can vote for the President of the United States. If they are a citizen of the US. Wait…. no, you don't have to show ID anymore to vote so I guess it doesn't matter.

  • Zeus

    #30 RELEASE the kraken.

  • Joel Todd


    Laura Elena Zúñiga Huizar

    Chive, getting closer to the emails my mother sends me.

  • skinger

    #21 That lucky bastard! She's about to cook him a meal.

  • mrmostlymittens

    #4 Oh my, oh my god…

  • abchiver

    #10 Spelling bee medal?




  • Mel_Gibson

    #13 at first i thought this was Lando

  • Harvey Wall

    #30, And she reveals her nasty FAKE tits!

    Sweety, you are an example of TRYING TOO HARD!! We still prefer the natural ones – even if they are small. I love small boobs. I'd throw you back.

    • Ed Jones

      Perhaps, just turn her over. Seems a shame to waste.

  • Nicholas Miller

    #13 Nailed it!

  • Shant1k

    # Don't drink and drive

  • Dan

    Who ever wrote the original statement in 19 is a total fuck up in life and should go jump off a bridge

  • sarah

    #24 will never get laid

  • fish

    Meh, close enough.

  • fish

    #13. Meh, close enough.

  • Bob

    #16 What am I looking at here?

  • Curtis Savvy Quick

    #24 Dwight from The Office?

  • Lex_Luthor_II


    So I guess I WON'T be getting my wallet from my car to pay my bar tab.

  • Ken

    #17 Am I the only one who felt a pang of sadness for this person?

  • David

    #6, definitely.

  • Darmie Rudisill III

    #4 I didn't know colon smelt so good lol

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