Some people should not go in to politics (23 Photos)

  • Turnip Truk

    Now, now, Senator Date Rape did run a good campaign, but the people want four more years of Douchebag!

    • jrb

      It's funny because Family Guy!

    • borg norg

      Senators have six year terms.

      • Fjcruise

        True but then again I think he's referring to a presidential election.

  • wkdfrog

    #5 That's just nasty 😦

    • Olden Dusty

      That's a guy in New Hampshire

    • FunKiller

      That's reality my friend!

    • Robbo

      Hey Dick Swett is just a part of life, get used to it.

  • justaclick

    #19 Sounds like a sex ed class to me.

    • Mickael Duncan

      Sounds like an Adam Sandler sketch to me. Always going on about the Cox and Balls

  • DemonDan

    #5 That's what I keep telling my girlfriend….sigh….

    • Leon

      youre an idiot…..

  • tyler

    #18 sand taxes?

    • Catherine

      This was in Dare County, a beach town in NC. The sand tax was for beach nourishment.

      • GernBlansten

        What like a nutritious breakfast and healthy between meal snacks?

        • Catherine

          Haha! No, the beach was super thin from many hurricanes and nor'easters. They made it much wider by dredging sand from off shore and using it for the beach.

    • bart

      Everyone knows A Midgett gets paid under the table

  • DemonDan

    #11 seems legit…

    • VT Surf-N-Turf

      Say it 5 times fast!

    • SasquatchSC

      This is my hometown and this sign was from his first run (successful)… now all the signs are the same but have a crudely painted "Re" in front of elect

    • dnancejr
  • McSmizzle

    #9 so canadian it hurts

    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      He should be rockin the Canadian Tuxedo.

  • guy

    #5 that pretty much sums up politicians

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  • @bdaley84

    #9 would be better if he was in a Canadian tuxedo


    #9 That must be in Regina. Because only Rider fans will drink the horse piss swill that is Pilsner.

    • Logan

      Those are fighting words, Pilsner is the nectar of the gods.


        If your god is a horse and you're drinking it's hot piss.

        • Gonasiphaherpalitis

          Beats any American beer by miles.

  • Nickey J

    <img src="">#5 Oh ,GOD, Have originality; show ingenuity with an inventive mind alone <img src=""&gt;

    • Bethany356

      Dick Swett is a real dude… He came to my elementary school oh so many years ago… Way to go, New Hampshire!

  • FarknChiveon

    #1 I wonder where he stands on the issue… #13

  • misschris

    #21 I find your use of comic sans suspect

    • A Guy

      Would be awesome and witty if they didn't use the damned comic sans. It just ruins everything…

  • spike

    young boozer actually adressed his silly name in his campaign adds lol

    • new001

      By calling my house at 2 A.M with campaign adds…

      • new001

        By calling my house at 2 A.M with campaign ads

  • Amanda

    Here in Idaho we have a Senator named Mike Crapo. I giggle like a child when I see the signs.

  • Joe

    #1 I went to law school with him. It's actually Glassman. The edited version is infinitely more fitting though.

  • Cmac

    Hahaha Sandy Holepit!!! Been making fun of that sign for months in Morgantown.

  • Verbal_Kint

    #18 could change his name to Ray Littleperson..

  • Bw11

    Oh man… #5 cracks me up.

  • NJ Chiver

    I went to college in Ewing Twp. NJ, it was always hysterical seeing the ball and cox posters during election season. I used to have #19 hanging in my dorm room.

    • SneakyStallion

      So many of those were stolen. They had to know that was going to happen in a college town. So dumb.

    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      I bet you have Ball and Cox hanging in your room.

  • Joshpeavey

    #10 #22 are both from Montgomery, al.

    • Paul from the gump

      Chive On from the Gump.

  • DB Conor

    #18 Small change?

  • Heelboy

    #12 Don't we all????

  • GatOne

    "You see, Stan, nearly every election since the beginning of time has been between a giant douche and a turd sandwich…"

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