The less than pretty aging timeline of Macaulay Culkin (17 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

  • Abomb177


    • whos.mike

      Looks like Meth first in #14 then in #17 looks like he is going through opiate withdrawls and is about to puke. The sunk-in eyes and cheek bones give away the meth usage and it looks like he has a vacuum for a nose. Don't complain about me stating the obvious, because I have been there and done that.

      • themindrunnethover

        I agree! He definitely looks like he has/had a meth addiction problem. I hate to see child stars spiral downwards like this.

  • Jac


  • suck me dry

    how far??? all the way off

    • Chivesucksnutz

      this guy is funny as fuck.

    • CCJosh

      lol, how far

  • etcrr

    definitely messed up

    • Huell

      You're a fucking idiot.

    • Bill57

      his aging timeline was less than pretty right stan? its weird cause he use to be young but then he got older and when he got older he became less than pretty not that he was pretty when he was young cause it would be weird to call a young boy pretty lol

    • Freddy

      'definitely messed up'

      yes, yes you are..

  • Tom

    Leave him alone, he's an icon.. I bet the editor who put this up has his own insecurities about aging which fueled this.

    • @megantalks

      I suspect this isn't about "aging" so much as drug addiction.

      • Giblets

        If I saw that last picture without any context I would be asking why chive is posting pics of the homeless.

      • @JJrrake

        Drug addictions awesome fuck u

        Want more big squid daddy j-rake proverbs?
        Go to

        • True story

          You are a fucking asshole and karma will get you in the end.

      • Michael Stone

        Drug addiction? He had the same drug addiction that anyone else has a kid – he smokes weed. So, he deserves decades worth of attacks just because he isn't aging well? Well, at least he is a multi-millionaire and doesn't have to care about things like this. You could put ANYONE on an "aging" timeline and call them a drug addict just because they have grown older, Jesus Christ Chive.

        • Jim

          Sorry, but I'm pretty sure he's graduated for weed and moved on to meth. You can see it in his face. Weed doesn't deteriorate someone's face like this, meth does. This is beyond aging.

        • drew

          u sir are dumb as shit. "not aging well"? no val kilmer is not aging well, kevin mcalister looks like something that keith richards shit out and then puked on. that looks comes from a lot of meth and heroin

        • Steve Case

          You don't know much about marijuana do you? Jesus Christ learn about the topic before you open your mouth.

        • MacNCheesePro

          I don't even smoke weed and will just tell you, that it isn't weed. I've seen what weed does to people, usually nothing, unless they really get the munchies when they smoke and end up 100lbs heavier than him. Mr Culkin is on something that's killing him and I have to agree that it's heroin.

    • Turrebo

      Followed by Leave Him Alone II and III

      • mLG

        He's not in Leave Him Alone III.

        • SweetFancyMoses


        • Pete

          Here, have an Internets.

  • AVO

    I'd look like that too if the only thing everybody said to me was "Do the Home Alone face!"

    • hoosierdadvitar

      its sad, cuz i see pics of myself when i was loaded & at the time i saw those pics, i couldn't see it, but now that i'm clean those pictures are embarassing & really put shit into perspective. regardless of what he is known for, the "i died of an OD face" would suck much harder than the home alone face ever could.

  • guest

    Somebody feed him

    • kunty

      yeah feed him a bullet

  • El Coño

    #3 – Nice Reebok pumps next to the Nike king…

    • @JJrrake

      Noww THAT is a keen eye my boy.

    • james

      M.J. holding his shoulders led to more… Which in turn, led to #14

  • Catalyst

    You can say whatever you want but the guy dated Mila Kunis and on my book that is something I wish I can say

  • The less than pretty aging timeline of Macaulay Culkin (17 Photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

    […] Visit site: The less than pretty aging timeline of Macaulay Culkin (17 Photos) […]

  • NorthKYChiver

    I want to #6 with #10 and go to #24 and eat #34 until we #25

  • @AetherMcLoud

    He looks ridiculous with a goatee, but damn, Mila Kunis?

    • Dennis

      Rickety Cricket?

  • TMG

    He should pretend to be Thom Yorke, they look really similar…

  • Adam Segal


    • Dr_StrangePants

      I would never of made that connection! Kudos

    • Dennis

      Yes! My thoughts exactly!

  • Dave

    What's next – celebs without makeup? Don't really expect this kind of stuff from the Chive…

  • TPM50

    Wow, a hollywood has been imploding. Who da thunk.

    • love asian girls!

      Really? WTF does THUNK mean??

  • Stian Mescudi

    he dated mila kunis?? dafuq man

    • TylerDurdenUMD

      For years he was getting that.

    • FunKiller

      Hi, welcome to 2012!

  • pitaru

    #3 That's got to be the turning point

    • PA2AK

      I was hoping someone would point this out.

  • Jen_eh

    Should we do a "Less than pretty aging timeline" of anyone else?
    No. Never.
    We KCCO
    Live and let live.

    • Stian Mescudi

      that was very well said.. we appreciate beauty.. we dont convict… except stupidity..which is hilarious sometimes..

      • tedstevens

        He's referring to the obvious drug use and how it's ruined his looks. Hence the "get some help" at the end of the article.

  • Brooke

    Does anyone else think he looks like he's about to vomit in that last picture?

    • borisborov

      He looks strung out.

  • Tim Hutchings

    I'm a long time New Zealand chiver, this is the first time I've ever been disgusted by anything posted on this site. You guys organise so many wonderful things (charities etc) so what the f*** is up with this s***? Leave the guy alone. What's he ever done to anybody? Grown a goatee and somebody snapped a shot of him about to throw up? Go to hell Chive, how about you lot try to grow up with the whole world keeping tabs on you?

    • That guy

      You mad bro?

    • Jake

      *Starts slow clap*

      • Urethra Franklin

        That was awesome

    • Vennexx

      Read between the lines, we know you can. This has brought attention to his situation, and obviously you and others care about his well being. Maybe this will push him towards a more positive direction and get the help he needs to get well and maybe even comeback. Hey it happens, and thechive community is known for caring so here we go. Have a little faith and optimism. It is contagious:-)

    • tedstevens

      Drug use, Bob is referring to Culkins deterioration due to drug use.

  • Michael Stone

    What is this, TMZ? So the dude hasn't aged well, wtf Chive. That one guy that works at chive, John, has an uglier mug than he does, I mean, if you want to get elementary about it. This who page reeks of who the fuck cares, but *sigh* kcco I suppose…

  • Michael Stone

    What is this, TMZ? So the dude hasn't aged well, wtf Chive. He was arrested in his youth for smoking weed, so just because he is not as adorable as he was as a kid, he is a drug addict. That one guy that works at chive, John, has an uglier mug than he does, I mean, if you want to get elementary about it. This whole page reeks of who the fuck cares, but *sigh* kcco I suppose…

    • Michael Stone

      edit sorry, double posted, this is my first post and I tried to edit, I fail

  • Mmm_Beer

    The simple fact that he might have possibly banged Mila Kunis gives him a pass with me.

    • @JDougE09

      ^^^ agreed

  • Dugan

    Who farted on his face?

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