The less than pretty aging timeline of Macaulay Culkin (17 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

  • Lucky ducker

    he looks like a serious tweeker. bet thats why the girl left him. tweeking was more important than her. hope he gets help, he looks worse than charlie sheen at half the age

  • jbb

    Whatever, he still got to have sex with this.

    <img src=""&gt;

    Winner…MaCaulay Culkin

  • Gmoney

    If i wanted celeb gossip i would go to TMZ!! WTF guys? This is lame!!!

  • Jeff Smith

    Drugs and red bull are bad…

  • tyler durden

    Heroin is a messed up drug. That dude needs help before its too late.

  • Rutty

    Gotta say, discovered this site recently and found it a nice haven from the negative crap all over the web… this article doesn't fit, and just seems to be taking an unnecessary shit on someone.

    C'mon chive… you're the white knight of the internets… lets keep it fun.

    Don't attack the Mac!

  • bejay

    He looks like Lane Staley right at the end.

  • Joe

    He looks a little partied out in these photos but no worse than anyone else looks after a night out. Which, you know, I'm sure he does every now and then since he's fucking Macaulay Culkin!! Dude looks alright to me.

  • Numbnuts

    Smack doesn't work

  • Grav

    #14 – Isn't that Rickety Cricket?

    • Hummus

      Good god, you're right.

  • dave

    #14 I see a junkie. Dude, get some help and get clean.

  • snowballz89

    #14 looks like Rickity Cricket from Always Sunny.

  • Fez Whatley

    OK do you realize how freaking good Mila Kunis' ass must have been to make a man take up heroin to forget about. God damn.

  • homeboy

    Rickity Cricket!

  • alflup

    He has a clear Heroin face. Seen it many times in my life.

  • Joe in Sd

    cocaine is a helluva drug…

  • Hummus

    I'm amazed even in his "normal" looking condition he was able to snag Mila Kunis.

  • Robin

    He totally looks like Rickety Cricket from "It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia"

  • sureman123

    well there's you problem

  • RDN

    Junkie! Heroin beats true ass…….

  • Houdini112

    I still can't believe he tapped her #11

  • Biff

    I just read that because of his heroin addiction Culkin might not be around in 6 months' time. After his initial success as a child star it seems that no one wants to hire him. Might as well be invisible.

  • chiver

    what's with all the facination with Mila Kunis? she's just average in my books.

  • svp


  • nuccabay

    #11 winning!!

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