Sooo…. you got wasted (30 Photos)

Are you wasted? Get your shit together and send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • mike

    #19 Find Her!!!

    • SuperiorTo8

      Find her, so I can pass out under her

    • davidhendu

      I would check the free clinic.

  • geoff

    #20 im glad im not the only one this happens to

  • Chubby

    #30 the best

  • Raider Rash

    #25 good friend from school. goes by the alias of B.O.B… Black-out-Burnett

    • GsNt

      these look a lot like my friends in ND

    • FunKiller

      Hah, we have a friend like this too…..I swear he's narcoleptic when he drinks.

  • VFR dude

    #1 Dear diary…

    • rickybobbie

      …I had sex with a girl stuck in a doggie door, I don't even know what she looks like.

  • bdg

    #23 Find the blonde with the huge rack!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING

    • ffdp

      Amazinley fat.

  • irons

    #1 Is ready to try anal

    • guyshy

      Doesn't really have a say in it, in that position does she.

  • goldengekko1

    #30 i love how booze makes us do things like this guy lol 😀

  • thr3tc

    I look at this every week for two reasons: they are funny, and i'm paranoid that I will find myself in a photo among my friends or complete strangers

  • J.S. Wright

    #2 Hey! It's the Douche Fairy!

  • JustTrollin

    #1 Nice Legs!!! Let's see the rest — sober or wasted!

  • The_Hellequin

    #2 – You will never party as hard as this guy.

  • Ryan

    Sorry but white women get really stupid when they drink ..I can't count all the times I've been to a house party and most of the white chics drink to the point where they do very very very annoying and stupid things..huge turn-off

    • ryanthekunt

      Racist fuck. Do the world a favor and slit your own wrist.

      • Ryan

        How is that racist? Because I'm explaining what really happens? Nice comeback btw

  • Christopher Calloway

    These threads used to be funny, now they're just sad. Maybe some people want to see others getting shit faced, but not me.

    • FunKiller

      And yet you still scroll through them….and feel inclined to comment….well done Christopher Calloway, well done!!

      • Christopher Calloway

        Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that the First Amendment didn't exist anymore. It's an opinion, everyone's entitled to one. Also, you should work on your grammar; your sentences are horrible and need a lot of work.

        • FunKiller

          Whoa Christopher Calloway, please try to KCCO…..don't take the internets so serious, you'll never get out alive. You're entitled to do what ever your little heart desires big guy.

          • Christopher Calloway

            Hahahaha, won't get out alive, huh? Oh you're a funny son of a bitch. I doubt you stray away from the typical sites on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, TheChive. I've seen shit that would make you shit your pants, Mr. FunKiller. What are you, some type of celebrity on here? Lmao how pathetic. Go cry to some White Knight thread.

            • FunKiller

              You've definitely got me pegged Christopher Calloway. I'm a little confused on the "shit" that would make me shit my pants. Now, you mean that literally or figuratively? As for the celebrity thing…yea, thanks for that!
              Oh btw, nice FB pic….you kind of resemble a serial killer, does your girlfriend go for that kind of look?

              • Christopher Calloway

                Nice abusive ad hominem. Shows how well you can argue. Also, you don't need to know, you couldn't find these places if you tried. And yes, I meant literally.

                • FunKiller

                  Well hey, come on man, you're putting yourself out there with a pic like that. This really is quite ridiculous, I already know too much about you while I'm still just a mystery to you……just stop trolling! If you don't like the site, don't come here….simple as that.

  • Ispeakchive

    #30 This redefines Curtain Call

  • Dave

    Who the hell posted #17 That's my roommate and we don't have a clue where the pic came from

  • Dangeruss

    #19 MOAR!!!!!!!

  • Dangerussruss

    #19 MOAR

  • FrenchGuy_Paris

    lucky man #19

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  • Funny Peoples

    I like drunk peoples doing are made fun by friends.
    I like these type of situations because i baled my friends mustaches in this moment.

  • bob

    They should rename it……Sooo … got liver cancer…

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  • kdfknoviz

    #1 jackpot!

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