• andiwagedpeace

    This makes me a little bit sad 😦 Obviously the hamster is scared…

    • Makster87

      im scared of rusky's too!! cant blame the little feller! lol

    • sixdeadelves

      why doesn't he run away?

      • Dr. JFever

        Fight or flight

        • Korben Dallas

          wrong answer, little guy.

      • Nevenem

        that is Chuck Norris's hamster…

    • Mattttttskiii

      Shut the fuck up. It's a fucking hamster. Who gives a fuck.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Poor little guy is fighting for his life. (he thinks)
      I feel sorry for him/her too, there may be babies nearby.

  • Emily Celeste Gosling

    Probably been tortured too often by crazy Russians.

    • Douche McBaggins

      probably rabid…

    • This.


  • Sophia

    Clearly not a hamster. I'm calling Chernobyl frog.

    • Truth

      funniest comment on Chive in a long time.

    • Eliot_Salem

      Chernobyl is not in Russia

      • Zajac

        Ha Ha Ha! you got voted down. Way to go Yankees. Most of you don't know shit about world history and Geography. This is not a stereotype – it's a fact.

        PS Yankees: Chernobyl is in Ukraine. (Ex – USSR) . Read a f*cking geography book for f*cks sake you f*cking fools.

        • I don't know

          You realize a lot of Ukrainians speak Russian right and just because the chive says they're in Russia doesn't make it a fact that they are?

          Also it's pretty obvious that the guy who made the comment was joking. That means his facts don't have to be 100% right as long as its funny. So keep trolling on this American site using a technology largely developed by Americans. And we're the stupid ones lol.

          • Zajac

            There’s such a thing as a sophisticated response and what you’ve just said isn’t one of them.
            Of course I know that, but still: Ukraine is not Russia.
            And following your logic we can thank also the Nazis for this technology. Because Konrad Zuse, a Nazi – German invented the first "modern computer" in 1941 called the Z3.

            • Lab Rat

              And you call your first response sophisticated "f*cking geography book for f*cks sake you f*cking fools" there are more "f*cks" in than than a brothel during shore leave

              • Zajac

                You sure showed me ! Just re-read what you just said and how you spelled. And before you go ranting and raving, just write me a replay, print it, and then shove it up your ass.

                I'm classing this as a win.
 suck it yankees

                • Guest

                  Actuay the first computer was the z1 and it was created in 1936

                  • Ass

                    Well then thank God for creating man, boom!

                • Morten Prang Norup

                  And while you're at it, teach him how to 'write a replay'….
                  Get off your high horse and eat it, DB.

                • Ducati 999R

                  Enter text right here!and nice spelling on this one. YOU SPELT REPLY WRONG

    • _LG

      Could not stopping laughing after I read this comment for at least 2 minutes.

      You deserve an award.

    • Bradley Caffey

      Funniest comment, and god ppl can't take a joke

  • Killa

    i would say the Russians are crazier for trying to catch it

  • Bewbs

    That little hamptser is going to go back and tell the others about the day it was attacked by 3 giants and fought them off, and no one will believe him.

    • Jonny Napolitano

      haha YES!

  • Kells Bells

    Go go Ninja Hamster!!

  • Dayne

    This is sad. He's scared and is trying to defend himself 😦 poor guy

    • Dan

      Are you effing serious!! Sad?!! Its not like he stepped on him! Damn! Go change your tampon!

    • Drew Andersen

      from the looks of it, id say the hamster attacked them!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Run away, run away!

  • Brad

    And that's how Boris caught rabies

  • Jrderp

    That hamster has some balls

  • Leifaboi

    this hamster is a total badass. I want a guard hamster like this for my home…

    • Roger

      Guard Hamster knows no allegiance!

  • Huff

    Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog's (From Monty Python for those who don't know) cousin. Killer Hamster of Soviet Russia

    • fyi

      if you have to explain it…probably not funny…

  • Leigh

    The little guy should have bit him harder =D

    • Mark


  • Jones

    Who saw one of these things and thought this would make a good pet for little children?!

  • MylesofStyles

    Just punt it like a football already.

    • Dr. JFever

      You sir are a sick fuck

      • MylesofStyles

        You sir, are Captain Fucking Obvious.

        • Lolasaurus

          I loled at this, a fair majority of men would have thought of doing the same. The rest who give thumbs down for this are probably vegans.

          • MylesofStyles

            *vegans struggling with their sexuality.

  • regteg

    Rabies does crazy things to everything.

  • Ethix_


    • Brother Maynard

      Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it.

      • Dan


  • johngaltjkt

    General "Buck" Turgidson: Mr. President, if I may speak freely, the Russkie talks big, but frankly, we think he's short of know how. I mean, you just can't expect a bunch of ignorant peons to understand a machine like some of our boys. And that's not meant as an insult, Mr. Ambassador, I mean, you take your average Russkie, we all know how much guts he's got. Hell, lookit look at all them them Nazis killed off and they still wouldn't quit.

    • Mikey

      He'll see everything! He'll see the big board!!!

      • johngaltjkt

        Frying Chickens in the Barnyard!

      • tmc102464

        "I can no longer sit back and allow — Communist infiltration — Communist indoctrination — Communist subversion — and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids!"

    • tmc102464

      "Mr. President, we cannot allow a mine shaft gap!"

  • Boomer

    Why do Russians always have such shitty cameras?

    • david

      the same reason they have shitty everything else…… their in Russia

    • Jay

      what are you talking about? that was a damn good recording with a potato

  • JuiceBox

    in Soviet Russia, Hamster attacks you.

  • Naser A. Alawadh

    and he never let his guard down! he kept his tiny hands up! I call pro boxer.

  • GernBlansten

    Come at me bro

  • Kenny

    Thats no hamster…. thats a young Splinter! It has begun…..

  • Ken

    And by crazy you mean fearless, right?

  • Truth

    Rabies much?

    • Ass

      No, cocaine

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