• Solatso

    And this is how the Zombie outbreak begins….

  • Hrdwood

    bath salts…

  • Fuzzel

    Kung Fu Hamster

  • BecauseBoobs

    Honey Badgers and Russian Hamsters don't give a shit

  • msee

    The vodka makes them immune to rabies

  • Luke

    European Hamsters are really aggressive, you can't get near them. They where probably just walking down the path way and the hamster just happened to be there near its nest and decided it didn't like them. They have no fear. Good on these guys though for putting it in the grass and not killing it.

  • jay

    A wild ratatta appeared!!

  • Dave

    Ever heard of rabies? That idiot who got bit better get his shots.

  • david

    Good to see I'm not the only one who hates crocs

  • electric boogalo

    They don't have gloves in Russia?

  • mike

    Oh Master Splinter, so glad we found you !

  • Lucas James Miller

    Hamtaro on crack?

  • fibonacci5150

    the russian hamster is probably just Paula's deceivingly cute offspring

  • Bay ruins films

    And still a better depiction of splinter than michael bay's film.

  • Bogdan Enache

    In Soviet Russia, Hamster Owns You

  • anonymous

    he is the cousin of Splinter!

  • Joe Testarosa

    Yeah apparently russia hasnt got the word about Rabies yet>

  • William Teach

    "On this edition of Boris Goes To The Hospital…."

  • anomicbomb

    *In Russia, even hamsters are crazy.

  • hugo

    Raticate used Hyper Fang!

  • MohawkJon

    Now that's a Russian! I don't know the nationality of those scaredy men, I wanna say polish.

    One true blue Russian vs three scaredy polish, we'll find out the winner tonight on FOX!

  • Ron Koehler

    What is the Russian word for 'rabies'?

  • tmc102464

    …probably bath salts….

  • Dale Ward

    Clearly this is a Rattata.

    • SEB

      or Raticate

  • KayakAggie
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