• Elise

    boom rabies

  • Jessica

    That guy deserved to be bit! Poor little ): he's so cute

    • Jessica


  • saskdevil

    True Hamster style!!!!

  • Kalim

    it's a lemming not a hamster

  • Chuck Norris

    So thats were my hammie went……

  • Mike

    Chuck Norris hamster

  • Shämän King

    If hamster were the size of dogs they'd already have taken over the world!!

  • Kyle Gas

    A mom trying to protect her young.

  • mmmaxxx

    I now know two russians with rabies.

  • Nicky

    Thats a real like Pokemon

  • Nicky

    That's a real life Pokemon*

  • hihi

    yeah this is probably what the two Igors and Brent actually did in Moscow

  • Llm54

    The hamster could simply run away, which would be the first instinct in any animal encountering a much larger one. Rodents will attack much larger animals, but typically only when cornered. That leads us to a more likely explanation: rabies. Typical signs: "The animal will seem angry and will furiously bite at anything and everything around it, even non-living things. It may make odd noises or sound different when making its normal sounds." Is the Russian guy who got bitten still alive?

  • Even the Hamsters in Russia are Crazy | The Interrobang

    […] Found on […]

  • quadpit

    Attack Hamster Rules!

  • Jay

    hamster has a Bullet Proof Vest on..

  • Chris Chee

    aww rabies never looked cuter

  • kev

    If the brutal russian winter fails to destroy your army….their hamsters will get you one by one….

  • Paweł Smołka

    NOT hamster is crazy, but people who shot the video ARE! This hamster is scarried and defending itself. Thats sadistic lullaby.

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