I predict lower back problems in their future (40 Photos)

  • Henry

    Its propoganda to mistakenly call my compliment of a ladys bosom and rearend "sexual harassment", complimenting someones body is not something that men should needlessly be banned and arrested for, what a waste of taxpayers money. Saying to someone you dont know, Do you "know" thats "sexual" "harassment"? I "feel" disrespected. Thats hate speech that can be used against me as a weapon for something that really shouldnt have been such a problem that she should say such an unkind thing to me.

  • kyle

    Sexual harassment is sexual discrimination against men. A cop calling someones compliments "controversial" is not O.K. Someone insulting someone because they were complimented is not O.K. Petra Verkaik is a woman I could have a very exciting dream about a nocturnal emission of semen shot on my stomach and maybe my chest. Its childish for women to call police on men just because they compliment their bosoms and rears. Making compliments a crime is patently ridiculous.

  • Kenny

    Valerie Solinas book ought to be banned and the government should have been that book and no longer have it in publication anywheres not even on this mechanism called a computer. Feministe is not a word, it sounds ridiculous. If I as a man am not allowed to compliment a womans bosom in public then how is that having free speech, if a law is needlessly passed to violate me and my right to speak my mind, then am I really a free citizen?

  • Anonymous

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  • Sean1977

    #5, I bet no one bitches at her for drinking out of the container

  • Guest

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  • 123

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  • Pat - South Africa

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  • Em_eff

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