Let’s get back to business, Find Her (37 Photos)

  • Kody.

    Find them all.

    • https://www.facebook.com/trevor.muxlow Trevor Muxlow

      #36 whoa! For real?

    • Johnn

      #37 I AM THE BATMAN!


    moar!! #36

    • Huff

      she already has back problems HA

    • Nahvis

      Holy Mary mother of god…for the love of all mankind, please MOAR.

    • carpal tunnel....

      My back hurt looking at them….

    • ttyl hef

      Not to be a dick to this guy – but:
      don't fill the front page comment space with stupid comments – of course we want them found… hence the name of the post.
      Save this space for people who know who they are.

      Pass it on!

      • http://twitter.com/nickinwarcal @nickinwarcal

        well you were a dick to that guy.

      • Jonny Apps

        You took more space typing your novel to this guy, dick!

      • johnny knowitall

        yup. Dick.

        Save this space for people who are not dicks.

    • Eric

      Could be Jordan Carver.

      • Nahvis

        I think Jordan's are even bigger?

      • kaiser

        Jordan Carver's look hard as a rock, hilariously fake. this one has natural gravity.

    • Justin

      Looks kinda like Shay Laren

  • IrishInNJ

    #25 & #29 Yes, yes yes……..even Leonidas wants them found!

    • ThatDude

      specially #29.. make it happen !

    • DeltaAlphaOscar

      I kinda don't want to do this because her other pics are just too awesome for words, and I''m selfish. But #29 is Cherrie Peirce from London. I know, different hair color, but 100% her. Best not to ask me how I know.

    • Chiven'

      #25 lives in Baton Rouge; super nice girl.

  • patrick907

    Find each and every one don't disappoint

  • Pedo Bear

    #4 I approve!

    • DarkRonnie

      How the fuck can you expect to find someone who's face is covered !

      Think about it!

      • Ken

        Because there cannot possibly be that many freaken nerds out there who would do that!

      • Dan

        Its probably a 12 year old boy!

      • TBD

        She was already featured on Chive with her face not covered like a year ago, and she was found, i believe she was a Canadian girl at Toronto fanexpo, i have a photo on my Camera still.
        She was like 15 or 16

    • zoom

      She's the author of an elf-help book.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mmcknight4 Michael Whitaker McKnight

      This is my ex. She lives in Tampa. And shes 32.

    • Anomanom

      Zettai Ryouiki: RANK "A"

  • caleb

    #36 Holy tits McGee!

    • Dan

      Someone with a body like that probably looks like Rocky Dennis!

    • grrrrr

      They look like watermelons in tube socks…

  • Rubik5cube

    #7 #10 #13

    • Fit Girl

      #13 is Sabrina Valentina you can find some NSFWish

      • Phil

        PSA – "Fit Girl" means "girl with a dick". Tranny alert.

      • John

        fucking asshole

    • Chris

      Are you kidding me? #10 both of those girls have gross flat butts.

  • Ken

    Find those two beautiful, natural cans on #36!

    • Ken

      sloppy and gross!!!

      • Ken

        They are FAR from sloppy and gross!!

        • goatpunch

          ken did you actually troll yourself, or is there some Wife/girlfriend posting as you because you left your computer open situation? Color me confused

          • TommyKnockers

            haha..no shit.. what's up Ken?

      • Dan

        Your face!

        • quailman8907


      • Sin

        Your Mom is Sloppy and Gross

  • J.E. Ironmug

    You had me at #1

    • LoyalLAChiver

      Please find. This woman is gorgeous!

    • https://www.facebook.com/justus.beckmann Justus Beckmann

      Her Name is Annica Hansen. She was in the german Playboy. Google her.

    • nobby

      this is annika hansen, a german reporter. i like her too!

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      Despite what the others said, this is not Annica Hansen. This is a model for a stock photographer. If you TinEye the image, you will find a portfolio with a bunch of other pics of this girl doing all kinds of mundane business and family oriented shit.

      • ZinnNasty

        Ok it's not Annika Hansen, we've got then but now WHO IS SHE??? So hot!!

    • chivette?slut!

      janine habeck

    • JayKay

      German model Lena Gercke…

  • Mathias_

    Find #36 For the love of god moar!

  • patrick907

    #20 find NOW!

    • bigD

      looks like pre plastic surgery Kim Katrashian

      • joe shabadoo

        right, because Kim Kardashian is Asian

        • Underbaker

          I thought she looked a little Hispanic, but I could be wrong since she is an escort in Honolulu… http://le69.com/escorts/honolulu-escorts/aubrey24

          • FunKiller

            That is just UN-freakin-beleivable!

          • http://www.facebook.com/urriah.aguilera Urriah O. Aguilera

            the problem is.. it might just be using the photo to fool some customers…

          • bigdinla

            The profile says 32 B breasts! There is no way those are B cups!

        • Rahm Emanuel

          Kim is Armenian which wait for it…is in Asia, so yes that piece of trash is Asian..It's true!

          • John

            isn't armenia in eastern europe? I seem to recall georgia, their neighbours, playing soccer in the euro tournament

    • Hans

      Yes, please!

    • stfuuuuu

      adult cam girl
      believe me
      and if you don't, i can put a video

      • KCCO_SLC

        I no beleeb you … now please, let's have that video.

    • Mike

      be careful with those asians…its probably a thai boy

  • Jeff

    Yes, Chive, please find #32.

  • FilthySanchez

    #9 = spotted/photographed at Jim's Cheesesteak's in Philadelphia.

    • Fletch

      I'll have a steak sandwich, a lovely redhead, and a steak sandwich.

      • Jose

        and put it on the Underhill's tab

    • Bones

      Yup that is the place

  • True Story

    If #34 was a cylon I would sell out the human race to have sex with her in a heart beat.

    • http://www.facebook.com/james.ramos.355 James Ramos

      For the love of god and bacon… Find her and get moar!

      • petey pablo

        I think this might be courtney macomb, loyal chivette @courtneymacomb

    • row_n

      Don't know too much about her except her name is Britt. Here's her personal Tumblr site: http://temptati0nss.tumblr.com/tagged/britt

    • Dan

      Fucken nerds! I had to google what a cylon was! G.Damn!

      • josh


    • duh

      also parenting fail. theres 2 kids running behind her. but doesnt matter still would even at that moment.

    • Seattle


      You're Welcome…

      • brittney

        uh that tumblr is not me. just sayin' its someone pretending. my facebook is facebook.com/itsbrittneyy and my instagram is @itsbrittneyy just to clarify. I HATE PEOPLE FAKING ME.

  • derp

    #7 im in love with those girls

    • Kevrhutch

      Find us? So they sent there own pic in to find themselves? They are hot

      • GramNaz


    • fun with drugs

      up the ass on these two bitches

    • Tony

      …and they could b in luv with each othr

  • CutlerC


    just buy me a round the world ticket and I will dedicate my whole time to finding her.

    • Alex

      Looks like Kayla Koi, google NSFW

      • Phil

        PSA – Kayla Koi is a tranny. Save your dignity

      • JoJo

        Save your self some time and don't search that.

        • rob

          day is ruined

  • Jeff

    #9 for COTW!!!!!!!

  • Lucky ducker

    #33 kinda already says where she is there if you look closer. just sayin..

    • Sampson

      Isn't #3 Selena Gomez with red hair??

    • IrishInNJ

      It's Find HER not find where she works.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Not exactly rocket science to find her, is it!

  • misschris

    #9 That smile could stop traffic

    • Zajac

      yes. And there is enough space on her forehead to let the cars roll out and park between her eyes.

      • dingle

        holy shit that made me laugh.

      • someguy

        LOL !!!

    • Bones

      Looks like she is sitting in the upstairs of Jims Steaks on South Street in Philly.

  • Marc

    #28 Ashley Sky

    • Jay


    • KW6969

      Quick, get her a sandwich! She looks hungry…

      • Guest

        yeah. there's skinny…and there's pointy. she is pointy.

      • KW6969

        Or should I say "Find Her"…a sandwich

  • Markoda

    #36 Find all three of them!!!

  • nmb

    11 and 37…real

    • guy

      #11 #37

  • Billy

    #4 find her and tell her to clean her room.

    • Jack Wagon

      No shit! I agree 100% with you! Why send in a pic with a shit hole like that behind you??????

      • catchapredator

        she's only 14yo?

      • blueberry

        SHE didn't send in a pic. Why would she want to find herself?

    • Wisti

      I don't think she wants to be found anyways…why else would she hide her face?

  • Lawrence

    Hasnt #21 been found already? Using up space for other MOARs…

    • W00t

      its lyndsey caldwell and yes

    • Dan

      Pron actress Allanah Starr?

      • Waldo

        Not even close.

    • Mike

      Not only found, but followed up with her own post. Try harder next time, Chive: http://thechive.com/2010/07/19/found-her-name-is-

      • Yeah

        True. Pretty sad.

  • Taco_Depot

    #26 Ashley Barney

    • Taco_Depot

      She's had her own post on here before.

      • Dickie

        That's not Ashley Barney, I have it on good account. 😛

      • bpod

        Definitely not Ashley.

    • Dickie

      I have it on good account that that's not Ashley Barney…

    • JHL1

      This is Ashley http://thechive.com/2011/06/16/chivette-of-the-we
      And I see the resemblence, but I agree with the others that #26 is not Ashley

    • https://www.facebook.com/LuxGirls Rebecca

      This girl is one of my team members, her name is Brandi Gray. Her fanpage is here: https://www.facebook.com/graybrandi

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