• BOB


  • DBL A

    "Top Ten" and they feature Eleven???

    • mellow

      Whatda ya know, almost all southern states are gainers. That's a no-brainer, who the hell would want to live up north??????????????????????????????

      • YE HAWWW


    • Mike D

      How many people scrolled backup to count?

  • Bangerang

    The only reason to move from Ca to Tx is if you live anywhere other than Southern California.

    • Just sayin

      Disagree. There are many reasons to leave Cali and move to Texas.

      • RnR

        Reason #1: you like living in the sweaty butthole of America

    • Ed (that is all)

      Moving from a socialist state to a capitalist state would have nothing to do with it.

    • GernBlansten

      SoCal sucks rancid donkey dick.

    • DanTheMan

      Southern Cali is trash, I hope we split into two states so you queers in so cal stop makin us look bad

      • NorCal Douches

        Cause northern California is "Hella" awesome?

        • smallchinaman

          The entire thing needs to slide of into the ocean. "Learn to swim, learn to swim"

      • NoUseForAUsername

        That's funny that you mention "queers" … San Francisco.

    • seraphimtex

      My dad and I aren't part of this stat. But we moved from Southern California to South Texas back in 2002. Admittedly it was far more hot and humid, for which they invented air conditioners, but we also prospered.

    • Josh Martin

      There are MANY more reasons than that. Trust me.

  • JViss

    Curtently in the Cali to Texas move myself

    • GeekyTex

      Well, as a native Texan, Welcome!

    • Tava

      You will like it here. Remember to get your state issued handgun when you cross the border.

  • twoedges

    Why isn't McKayla Maroney on the Top 10 losers list?

    • K-O

      Because she has Olympic medals (plural). What have you done?

      • ohyeah

        twoedges bitched on an internet pic dump site.. greatest accomplishment of his life..

  • IrishInNJ

    Surprised that New York has a net loss.

    • Just sayin

      Are you kidding? Every other part of NY, other than NYC I'd assume, has people leaving as fast as they can. My family being one of them.

      • thom

        Have you ever heard of Mayor Bloomberg? Enough reason to move right there.

    • Conan Dougherty

      Y? people in america don't want to be told they can only drink 6 oz of coca cola…

  • Nick

    Really wish the hipsters from Cali would stop moving to Austin … Go to Dallas!

    • GernBlansten

      Blame the IT companies that want to cut their costs, and the city of Austin for courting them with low rent and tax incentives…..

      • Caity

        Austin is expensive to live in.

        • GernBlansten

          It's dirt cheap compared to Silicon Valley…..

  • Jbob

    You are going to see a lot more people leaving this COUNTRY if nobama get reelected because his is running this country into the ground and people that actually pay attention to what he is doing know it.

    • Ron Paul

      Romney is just as bad. Flip flops more than any person I've ever seen. Look at where he stood on all the main topics when he was governor and how they've complete changed now.

      • Just sayin

        You're right, although he is the lesser of two evils.

        • truth

          When our best option is the lesser of two evils, how is this change any better? Not promoting anarchy, but wtf good is it to close all the cabin doors if the ship is sinking?

      • Marc Herzog

        There is actually a third option who will be on the ballot in all fifty states: Gary Johnson

        • Wtf

          Thanks Gary Johnson.

    • JackDiesel

      I propose an experiment, let's split the states in half, one side has a small government, low taxes, and right to work laws. The other half can have a large government with a big welfare program, high taxes, and unions.

      One side wouldn't make it 4 years, guess which.

      • RnR

        If you want to live your tea-tarded dream of low taxes, religious zealotry, and guns for everyone I hope you know that already exists for you willful ignorant mouth-breathers. It's called Somalia. Please go.

    • Whiskey

      Awesome we don't want to live with you anyway.

    • Otter

      Hopefully you'll be one of them.

  • Just sayin

    I don't know if anyone notices, and I hate to get a bit political on you Chive, buuuttt if you notice many of the people are moving out of Blue states and moving into Red states…. especially the biggest movers. Hence California to Texas and New York to Florida. If you look up the others it holds for the majority of the others as well.

    • Ed (that is all)

      ..turn around they red no more.

      Some used to call the dems red state. But the reference to communist red was too easy so the red press changed it to blue.

      RP 2012

      • JackDiesel

        Oh look they are all moving to 'right to work' states because that's where all the jobs are!

    • Mr. Tea

      Technically it's people moving from red states to blues states on this chart… Trollface!!!

      • Just sayin

        False. Go look up the maps….I just looked it up. The majority of the states that are gaining are Red, and the majority that are losing are Blue…..

        • Anon

          lol at missing the joke.

      • GernBlansten

        Yeah, so more like burnt orange and aquamarine if you really have to be a pedant.

    • Joshua
  • mikey

    so basically, it's people who are out of jobs…. who are forced to leave anywhere good…… pay less and live somewhere boring and lame. Obama!

    • Just sayin

      I'm not sure how you concluded this? Have you seen western NY before? It is no surprise people are leaving the state. So I don't see your point about leaving someplace good….

      • mikey

        my wife is from binghamton and went to school in buffalo…. so yes i have… every state has it's exceptions. i was referring to the overall standard of living for each particular state.

        • Just sayin

          Being from Niagara Falls, and seeing a god amount of NY state, again no surprise that people are leaving as fast as they can. I believe the issue is with the ridiculous tax rates that are causing these moves. Or at least it is a big part of them, along with the lack of jobs.

          • Tava

            People don't move because of tax rates. They move because there is no work where they are, and there is work somewhere else. You could argue that taxes ultimately cause this but I'm not trying to draw any further attention to the failed left business thinking.

  • zach

    what a coincidence…liberal run states failing, conservative run states prospering

    • mud butt

      Based on the current congressmen from each of these states, there is no statistical difference between states losing and states gaining based on political alignment. Liberal states: moving out 4 and moving in 3 states. Conservative states: Moving out 3 and moving in 4 states (other states are split). Although that's plus one for conservatives vs minus 1 for liberals, that is not a significant enough margin to draw that conclusion.

      • RnR

        Sorry man but that made too much sense. I don't think he's going to understand.

  • Sam Enniss

    moving to states with no drought or excessively high social taxes. Conservatism FTW!

    • Just sayin

      You're flip flopped. The people are moving out of the states with excessively high taxes…..

      • shawn

        you just said exactly what he said with different words. you're dumb.

  • MasterDrank

    I live in Florida, and am moving to Illinois… Does that make me a hipster..?.. oh god…

    • blake

      Im not sure… Ive never heard of Illinois

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  • blahhh

    So as the population ages, more old people move to warm states? Bizarre.

    • Just sayin

      Warm states with lower tax rates

  • notajerk

    i live at home

  • TheBAMFinater

    I just moved, 3 miles. What a pain in the ass.

  • Davie

    You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas

    • Metal

      Holy dogshit! Texas, only steers and queers come from Texas, private Cowboy!

      • Littlet

        Full metal jacket reference – close.

    • Evil Xena

      So – Hell now and later, Davie?

      • Davy

        After the election, I guess…

  • hater

    I've been saying this for years….the South WILL rise again! Yehaw!

  • Drew

    I moved from Houston to Scotland……and goddamn I don't miss the summer heat!!

  • Trey Bentley

    Everything is better in Texas.

    • texas can sink

      Except the education. Oh, and the crime. Oh yeah, and the teen pregnancy rates. Oh, and the drug gangs. Oh yeah, and the fucking christians everywhere ruining it for everyone with their stupid ass myths.

      • vagabond

        That's Texas with a capital T to you Douche bag! we dont want you here anyway! Stay in your high tax, homo lovin' God hating, no jobs havin' state with your myths that life is better there!

    • Evil Xena

      Especially the lies.

  • Broke

    I see a lot of people moving into the small Oklahoma town I live in from Cali. Hasn't done much of anything besides raise our rent…if they'd just move in and stop saying how cheap it is to live here our rent wouldn't go up so damn fast.

  • Rae

    As for Cali(broke), Oklahoma(no clue?). The rest of those states have extremely cold winters and are all part of 'The Rust Belt.' Dedicating 30+ minutes to dig your car out in the morning to go to work isnt fun.

  • Producer

    People are leaving high tax union run states. It's clear as day and all the Libs won't admit it. All of the producers are leaving to come to states that have jobs and republican governors.

    • Shawn

      No wonder the high school graduation rate in republican governed states suck.

      • To mamma

        Not sure what that metric proves or how it is relevant to a discussion on job creation.

  • Matt

    Woot for Houston! I didn't get the houston meetup invite =( Poor me. I'll tailgate in the parking lot, forever alone.

    • Sam Christy

      Meet ya there?

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