The Chivery design contest finalists are in — Vote here (10 Designs)

Thanks to everyone who submitted to The Chivery’s Design Contest this August. After 600 plus submissions we present the 10 finalists of which the top 3 Winners will go into production. After today’s vote we will post the winners tomorrow and you can expect them to be in The Chivery very soon. Let the voting begin!

  • Ashley

    #1 and #3 I'd rock that shit!

  • Pat

    I know mine made it to the top 25, but I am very sad that it don't make it into the top 10. Plus, I tried to upload another 5 designs and none of them would save. I should have uploaded the sunglasses tshirt first… 😦

    Sad Panda…back to the etsy basement.

  • D-Wiz

    not sure there's even an original design in the bunch. way to be creative people..

  • Kevin Mills

    #5 looks like a bottle of pee

    • melindu

      lol! now thats all i can see

  • Alex

    #1 #5 #8 in that order

  • MNM

    I need to have #3!

  • Kevin Mills

    #3 I am surprised this isn't trademarked.

    • TheLawMan

      It probably is and Chive is about to get a cease and desist.

    • Kevin Mills

      did I call that or what?

  • Kevin Mills

    #1, the problem here is, when will you wear it, Saturday? i'm not gonna strap it on and go to work

  • CanadianPiper

    #1 #5 #9 legit

  • capton awesome

    #1 #5 #6

  • Melanie

    #3 this would NOT be a chive original because my boyfriend has the same exact shirt except in green. It was bought from another website and he's had it for over 2 years. If you need proof I can send you a picture of this shirt. I only write because we want the Chive to remain original. KCCO -Melanie

  • B Dub

    #1, #2, #10

  • Michel Payette

    #1 maybe…but I think they all suck.

  • Kristian Denkins

    Case of the Mondays! I already own a lucky indian shirt, so I don't think that would be a chive origianal!

  • chitlick

    Good job to everyone that made the final cut. Sadly, none of them appeal to me. Most are not very clever, some are already floating around, and none of them scream CHIVE! There are a dozen sites to get boring shirts that are trying too hard, I thought the Chive was different. Disappointment ensued.

    • the_real_Mike


  • Dr.Venkman

    These are very average and some are already shirts. Let’s see the other submissions….please.

  • Mr. Berg

    #6 Would be better if the cactus arms were pointed down in a depressed manner.

  • ASSMAN45

    #8 is where it's at

  • weirdscribble

    In my head, the results of the voting are in the voice the announcer at a horse race.

  • showtime

    #8 is the only one that actually made me stop and laugh

  • Stu

    I would definitely buy #8, #6, & #10

  • moses

    They are all terrible… Not impressed

  • Lawrence Panis

    I cant decide! I like them all! :/ I suppose I have to pick one…….

  • kquinn


  • themindrunnethover

    still no

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