The Chivery design contest finalists are in — Vote here (10 Designs)

Thanks to everyone who submitted to The Chivery’s Design Contest this August. After 600 plus submissions we present the 10 finalists of which the top 3 Winners will go into production. After today’s vote we will post the winners tomorrow and you can expect them to be in The Chivery very soon. Let the voting begin!

  • Lawrence Panis

    Ya know what? You should just make them all….. Just sayin'.

  • fattypratty
  • TyR

    I will have #1 #3 #5 now please I'd rather not wait for you to deside the best when there are clearly 3.

  • TyR

    And #2.. Nope for sure 2

  • noname

    #5 .. Can't we think of an N, Q and V for drunk?

    What about "Nighty-night Nookered Nutted Out" and "Quizzically Quibbling Quit being Sober", "Vomiting" 🙂

  • the_real_Mike

    Wow…those realllllly suck.

  • Lets see it

    I wana see it Kevin!

    • Kevin Mills

      here you go, though you probably aren't as enthusiastic about seeing it a day later.

  • David Taylor

    #1 stole their idea from … Just saying.

    • Charles Ellis

      yeah…def seen a shirt with the same concept a while back.

    • alex

      Actually, I didn't steal it from anywhere. I've never even heard of that site you mentioned. Any resemblance to that is purely coincidental as it was an idea my friend had one night and I whipped this up the next day.

      • fattypratty

        Do the research before you submit. It's been done before…and on sale for a while

  • WhatSayYouChive?

    I'd love to hear theChive chime in on many of these comments… and the fact that many of these shirts are not original.

  • Carter2

    Generally I think successful shirts have to get the point across in 0 to about 6 words. There are tons of great quotes I could have plastered on shirts, but style is the biggest factor. A great shirt with 4 words (but breaking trademarks) is "Doesn't matter had" CHEX LOGO over large spoon with chex in it centered on chest. I would buy that, even if you had to pay chex $3 a shirt, but that's me.

  • Derk3103

    #5 where the hell is the N and Q ?

    • Carter2

      nailed might work for n. Q … quiditched, hey its harry potter so you gotta love it.

  • coloradomtnchiver

    #1, 3, and 8

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #8 is breach of copyright, no?

  • reaperACTUAL

    #1 "no man…no no hell no! I do believe you would get your ass kicked for sayin' somthin' like that!"

  • fred

    Can someone explain the lucky indian thing? I'm not from the USA..

  • Mbns

    I actually really like every single one. Good job to all of the designers! Why not make all of them Chive??

  • Matt

    #8 that is my shit right there

  • Blind_Eye


  • A. Roughneck

    There are at least 4 shirts here I would buy. I really think you should print them all.

  • bingemaster

    Can't do #5 there's no N and no Q words…..incomplete A-Z

  • John

    # 1 and #5

  • TRY2K

    we should be able to choose from more than these.

  • Tamra

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  • maria

    #1#6 or #7

  • loyal chiver

    #8 pretty bird, pretty bird

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