The Chivery design contest finalists are in — Vote here (10 Designs)

Thanks to everyone who submitted to The Chivery’s Design Contest this August. After 600 plus submissions we present the 10 finalists of which the top 3 Winners will go into production. After today’s vote we will post the winners tomorrow and you can expect them to be in The Chivery very soon. Let the voting begin!

  • Anebriated

    Dont blame me, I didnt vote! KCCO

  • briancme

    Not impressed at all by any of these designs. I voted for the petey bird one just because it was remotely funny. Chive, let's extend the contest.

  • 'Merica

    Chive, these all blow.

  • Steve


  • FarmBoy

    #3 although not original was pretty cool, had to google to see the image.

  • Cross496

    Any chance of working out a deal to get the Lucky Indian back? I wanted to buy that shirt.

    • Kimmy

      its on another website thats all over these comments or just google it. someone else already is selling it

  • Rachel

    I just thought that was my recycle bin after the weekend 🙂

  • Kev

    #1 was the best, but sorry, I wouldn't buy or wear any of them.

  • Bart

    I am calling for a Chive boycott if the Petey shirts do not go into production.

  • SER

    Hate to say it but The Case Of The Mondays design concept was already taken:

  • Rubes27

    Like Cars? German Ones?

    Come visit my blog!:

    All Cars. All Awesome. All of the Time.

  • melindu

    #6 is already a shirt!!! google it!!!

  • mildy annoyed

    how about everyone start bugging the chive about the annoying self playing adds… if i wanted to watch the suze orzman money problem advertisement i would click on it

  • luvclu

    #5 and #6

  • Michael

    #3 is gonna be on my next shirt!

  • ChelseaChivette

    I want the "Sorry, this design has been removed due to copyright notice by Tootsie Pop…" as a new design.

    Hey, at least we can say that we acknowledge the designs are "meh" and poke fun at ourselves at the same time. So, yes?

    KCCO ❤

    • Justin Lietz

      It was an actual design that was up before… It was a light purple with the Indian shooting a star on it

    • i Get it

      I think she gets that…

      • ChelseaChivette

        I know. =]

  • adma


  • midnight rider


  • Kutatakiku

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  • Archie R Spires

    Meh… I thought mine was better.

  • BryanK


  • Pat

    I've seen that bacon joke on zazzle before, without the butcher shop theme. Petey should win…

  • BKElly

    Can't be fair Now….Request the HUMPDAY Shirt! And do a Revote!!!!!!!!!!! go big red : p

  • Phil H

    "What did you sell him Lloyd?" "Oh I don't know. a few baseball cards, a sack of marbles… Petey."

    #8 & #10

  • Kevin Mills
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