Used by German GSG 9, this is the AMP DSR-1 and 50 sniper rifle (30 HQ Photos)

  • Corliss Teal

    s that a MK155 Linear Charge?

  • WannabeNAVYbutMechE

    looks like some sketches I made in a Thermodynamics notebook…well, back to the drawing board

  • whyme1973

    I like it.

  • John

    #25 Bitch. What is the point of posing with your kill? The animal clearly had a fighting chance in the epic battle of man vs automatic rifle. You aren't going to eat it, so I ask what was the point?

    Oh look, its a semi pretty girl who can fire a gun and kill animals that had zero chance of fighting back. Your awesome!

    • Jared

      In some Areas, due to an over population, and mange control, people are asked to kill them. They are also killed for agriculture reasons.

      Go get upset about innocent people being shot, stop crying about a nasty pest of an animal being killed.

    • bman

      Relax John, I imagine your the type that thinks unarming the public is also a good thing. Well you and your unarmed friends can all go to the movies together okay! Too soon, sorry for those who think that I am not being serious.

      Coyotes are legal to kill without license in many states due to overpopulation. A decent AR15 or "SEMI" automatic rifle, not "AUTO" John, is a great hunting rifle for these varmints. Coyotes are pretty hard to nab, so I would imagine posing next to your kill is suitable. No you would not want to eat Coyote meat, it is not very tasty, but if you had to you could, mostly the pelt is the most worthwhile part of the animal.

      John, don't worry the feds will take care of you when it gets really bad….

      • bob the A$$hammer

        What's with all the redneck military dipshits on the Chive?

        Relax bman! John makes a good if uninformed point. The proper rebuttal would be the use of these awesome sniper rifles is sanctioned to control the pest population in certain overpopulated areas and prohibited for unregulated purposes. Along with prohibited sales, most of these sniper rifles probably are $7K+ so cost itself is a barrier to them ending up in the wrong hands.

        Truth is, is that most in the military (enlisted) are hillbilly, high-school dropout know-nothings who practically carry around a flag pole to lean against whenever they need to rebut a point. Every time the Chive posts pics of nice cars, nice homes, dream vacation spots, beautiful women, etc.; ask yourself how many who have a history of being in the military own anything even 1/10th of the value of that stuff? "Hero" is just a label given to you to make themselves feel better about fightin' n' dyin' for men who literally make 400X your salary.

        On the other hand, the perfect slave is slave who doesn't know he is a slave. I guess you couldn't get people to be your sacrificial lambs if you called them that.

        p.s. as an owner of several firearms gotta say – cool guns!

        • Jake

          what's wrong with being a hillbilly in the military? an we have to have an education aka ged or high school diploma to join. sry bud but there's different types in the military an we all joined for different reasons but one was to keep this country free. ps please say thurs to anyone in a uniform let's see if u got the balls to do that.

        • John

          I'm in the United Kingdom (This site is visited by more than just gung ho yanks FYI) so firearms being an unimportant part of society over here is something we take for granted.

          Thanks to Bob for the only educated reply.

          I do find being chastised for my lack of ability to spot a semi and automatic rifle on pure sight quite hilarious. These are weapons the closest I will come to in my personal life is while playing the likes of MW3 etc, chuckle if you want but fact is I'm well aware I'm not Army material and will have zero hands on experience with any form of fire arm.

          As for feeling sorry about innocent humans killed by firearms, leave that to the families – I don't mourn strangers. My original point stands, kill the animal if you must for genuine pest control reasons and regulating population in farmland etc, but don't pose with it.

          It's on par with teenage mothers smiling with jam jars outside abortion clinics. It happens, but don't be proud of it.

          • Philip

            First, Asshammer –
            Lots of members of the military get out and become much more productive members of society than you will ever imagine being. I dare you to come out to any military base and call them a "slave" or "sacrificial lamb". Your ability to talk down to people who protect your right to say stupid $hit like you just did is remarkable. I also don't believe you are the owner of several firearms. Those of us that are generally respect those who serve for us.

            John –
            There is nothing educated about the reply from Asshammer. Being from a country with tight gun control laws also doesn't mean you should post ignorantly about types of guns you have no experience with. Asshammer was also incorrect by saying this is a semiauto weapon. It is a bolt action gun, as is clearly shown in pic #35 with the bolt open.

            Posing with an animal you have killed is something us hunters do because taking an animal is something that requires a bit of skill and patience. While posing with a coyote that was killed at 50m is something that not many people would do, posing with one that was taken at 800m is a different story because of the increased difficulty of the shot. Same as I take a picture with a wild hog after tracking it down with hunting dogs and sticking it or taking a big buck with either a gun or bow. Staying discreet/camouflaged enough to not be noticed by a wild animal isn't a walk in the park.

            Keep ignorant accusatory comments away and ask questions if you don't know.

          • Bman

            John, I will have to say I am sorry. I get a little offensive when those living in the states get too liberal on things that they know nothing about. You have no choice living in a country where guns are pretty much illegal to citizens and therefor the knowledge you can learn about them is also limited. You see this type of gun in a video game where it is always a full automatic weapon, and that is all you know. I understand how you don't know of semi automatic sporting rifles and their uses.

        • bman

          I am calm, Bob.

          Just wanted to tell John to relax and give a few pointers about Coyote Hunting. Something I take seriously as it is a good past time of mine.

          How you took off on the military men and their services was a bit of an unnecessary response. As a weapons owner you should be thankful for their services, though not recently, some of the past military services have been in correlation to your freedom to continue owning them.

    • Verbal_Kint


      • Bman

        Your = showing possession

        You're = contraction of you are

        place you are in that sentence and tell me if it works!

        • Verbal_Kint

          ORIGINAL: Oh look, its a semi pretty girl who can fire a gun and kill animals that had zero chance of fighting back. Your awesome!


          Oh look, its a semi pretty girl who can fire a gun and kill animals that had zero chance of fighting back. You are (you're) awesome!

          I think it's a fit..

          • Bman

            Touche! Thought you were referring to my post.

    • Oom

      Agreed John. Its ok for humans to be over 7billion but fuck no… if there are 300 wild animals its over population. Don't worry though. Her conscious will remind her of this shit before she dies.

    • tldr

      there was a FLAAAAAMEE WAAAAARRR!!!

  • jimbob

    #43 wouldn't mind that in my cross hair

  • Anonymous

    Chive office needs to move to a state where you can actually own cool firearms. Weather is nice and all down there on the beach and all, but whip out a 30 round magazine or a 50bmg and you’ll get tackled by some crazy Komifornian.

  • Nickey J
  • Emiko Baumgartner

    I did some training with the Emirates last December and they were using this. They missed the target by 2km on the first shot. But that was probably more on their artillery know how and not the machine.

  • Lonestar_Sapper

    While the bullpup precision rifle is definitely a great addition the precision class of rifles, I'll take a bolt action over semi auto any day of the week. The less moving parts to a weapon the better.

  • Jim

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