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  • Meertnnn

    When's the test flight video being posted?

  • DrFunkenstein

    Right now I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself!

  • Jonesy

    When I saw the title of this section I immediately thought of my local radio station LAZER 103.3 that does a downhill derby every winter where the "sled" can only be made of cardboard, duct tape, and paint… upon seeing some of the picture I would assume that is the case… KCCO in Des Moines!!!!

  • http://www.planetadeaficiones.com/taller-del-manitas/snowspeeder-trineo-de-la-guerra-de-las-galaxias-construido-con-cinta-adhesiva-y-carton/ Snowspeeder - Trineo de La Guerra de las Galaxias construido con cinta adhesiva y cartón - Planeta de Aficiones

    […] Y para aquellos que quieran repetir su hazaña, Fortyozjuicebox ha proporcionado una guía “paso a paso” para mostrar cómo se construyó su vehículo (que le llevó 25 horas). Echa una ojeada. […]

  • http://www.kotzendes-einhorn.de/blog/2012-10/lego-planet-hoth-star-wars-schachset-und-ein-snowspeeder-schlitten/ Lego Planet Hoth Star Wars Schachset und ein Snowspeeder Schlitten | Kotzendes Einhorn

    […] Fortyozjuicebox dagegen hat sich einen funktionierenden Snowspeeder Schlitten gebaut. Den Bau hat er hier dokumentiert. […]

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