A low down and dirty good time (32 Photos)

  • Cookie Monster

    #19 This chick seems to live like a pig, but I would still tongue punch her fart box.

  • Verbal_Kint

    #16 Meanwhile, in Molvania..

  • Gallus

    #19 – Nothing dirty about a well shaped butt, but that ROOM … !

  • alex

    #29 Nolan Ryan has come a long way since baseball

  • dusty0601

    #17 Need me to come over and help clean up?

  • dusty0601

    Shit, I meant #19

  • markkens

    Hefty load of WTF in this post

  • Calcman

    #7 – Damn, I didn't know that Shallow Hal was based on a true story…

  • LostBroncoFan

    Love the batman thing

  • NutSack

    #4, just so you all know, thats a model of my Cock she's licking! and im about to BLOW! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Dave

    All of you Chivers who don't already watch Archer, check it out! One of the funniest shows out there right now!

    "If this goes tits up.." – cue blank stare #13

  • US and A

    #28 needs a brazzers logo on there

  • Aliosman

    Definitely, we are so conditioned to find only the fmlaee form erotic that even hetero women are saying they find the fmlaee body more arousing. A foreign concept for the straight male. I believe this is a phenomena which is cultural and recent maybe the past 30 years and honestly, if MALES were presented in the same way I could see a change in male sexuality too. Although I agree fmlaee sexuality is a bit more fluid, male sexuality is more fluid than you think. I’m a straight male but when presented with EROTICIZED portrayals of men I do get a bit aroused, partly from the sexualization of the image. I find it disturbing that many women find the bodies of other women more sexy than my own honestly I might as well go gay or bi if a woman isn’t lusting over me as I lust over her.

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