Cars get the summertime blues too (40 Photos)

  • Mikeg01FSF

    #1 like a boss

    • IrishInNJ

      Not really…the water is only a foot deep.

    • @justsayoyvey

      finally someone who didn't waste the first comment post to put "first"

    • MMmm

      #23 Holy Shit! Blueberry banana nut oatmeal!

  • Mikeg01FSF


    • Crusty

      Or Women

  • Awesomechiver

    Definitly asians

    • nigger

      white people.

  • IrishInNJ

    A lot of straight up WTF in this too.

    Bit late for the old "air out of the tire trick" in #31

    • Matt

      Looks like he was airing down to get some more clearance

      • Kristen

        Really, Matt? Do you think so? Fucking idiot cocksmoker.

        • FunKiller

          Hahaa, sorry but that's fuckin funny!!

  • tv_paul

    #6 Dat Cars Da Bom…no I can't finish it.

  • baammm

    bahahsa #3

  • tv_paul

    #22 No you idiot he said drive down the Escalade…

  • DiscoFarmer

    #25 short cut

  • spicticus

    For any of these if that were me and my car it would suck. From the outside looking at it, HAHAHA!

  • Hayden

    #25 is just ridiculous!

    • Forty7

      LLLiike a glove

      • Andrew Mullen

        Easily faked. I don't buy it.

        • Yeppers

          It wasn't for sale.

  • passwordistaco

    #25 Jason Statham?

    • Static

      No. Ace Ventura.

  • MylesofStyles

    #29 Nothing funny about this what-so-ever. *hangs head in sadness*

  • floaty

    #34 Take a good hard look at me, I'm on a boat!

  • MirandaKaye

    #29 Nooooooooo! Alcohol abuse!

  • Bubba

    #17 LIKE A BUSS!

  • John

    and i thought my x was a bad driver

  • David Phillips

    #11 am I in far enough?

    • sixdeadelves

      Is this not a reasonable place to park?

    • SecurityRisk

      To which her answer is always no B)

  • zimzum

    #25 that guy parks like a doucebag


    #6 that cars the bomb!!

    • Kristen

      That comment sucks!!

  • NCChiver

    #25 Teach me to parallel park

    • HatBomb

      You are going to need a lot of cars for "practice", one per attempt I think.

  • Al Gore

    Dear Rick,

    THIS is how you do a car post.

  • KingThing


    • map

      Whheeeee!!! Nailed it…

  • pa'ver

    #12 lets find her

  • @justsayoyvey

    #29 Alcohol, powering idiocy since 10,000 BC

  • pa'ver

    #25 holy f*ck that's better than a 10 ticket ride at Six Flags

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