Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • babyfartmagizax

    #30 Keep Calm and Chive On little guy!

    • Jamie

      This picture makes me think of one thing: this guy was more preoccupied with putting his crappy Chive T-Shirt on than he was for this child. So sad…

      *duh* If I put on me Chive shirt *duh* then I'll get my picture *duh* on that there website *duh*

      • Ashley

        And your reply to this let's everyone know you are a heartless cuntbag that doesn't deserve to look at the chive .

        He's gonna grow up to be big and strong , KCCO

        • http://twitter.com/Aowyn77 @Aowyn77

          High F*&cking Five Ashley!!!!!!!

          • Ashley

            Thanks for the recognition. I wish you were here so I could lick your penis.

      • Me.

        Maybe he already had the shirt on as a reminder to KCCO… and Maybe you're a douchebag

        • Jamie

          I doubt it. He thought to himself "If I put on my crappy chive T-shirt maybe I'll get my picture on the site." It shameless and I think this guy should be ashamed of himself. Plus, I think the website should be embarrassed for posting this picture.

          One final thing: Its KCACO, not KCCO. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble on that, but its true.

          • Scuba

            Its not like this picture was taken right at birth, I'm sure the dude went home and put on his chive shirt to spread as much happiness as he could through the hospital…

            ** and its KCCO… you know why??? Cause the fucking Chive said it is..

          • GeoQuin4

            So all of our Olympians are screwed up because they don't have USoA on their Uniforms? And every product and acronym ever made excluding "of" and "and" is wrong. I don't normally post on here as I like to just sit back and enjoy. You, Jamie, are an absolute cunt. And coming from someone that doesn't believe in a god or religion, I hope for the first time in my life that I'm wrong and you burn in hell. Your parents would have done the world a favor by aborting you.


            • http://twitter.com/Aowyn77 @Aowyn77

              I actually stood up at my desk to applaud this comment!

              • Jamie

                This is starting to get fun! I love how personal everybody is taking all this while I'm just sitting back and enjoying the show. My mission is accomplished.


          • Ethix_

            So that would mean that it would be PFTETOA instead of PETA, LABSER instead of LASER, and the GO8 conference instead of G8.

            "You LOSE! Good DAY sir." -Willy Wonka

            • Jamie

              Exactly! Now you are starting to get it.

              "I've got something to say. I raped your mother today and doesn't matter much to me as long as she spread." – Misfits

              • Drew Peacock

                Jamie sucks his dads dick while he jacks off with a handful of his mothers semi solid shit.


              • knotmee

                love that song, "Last Caress". I've got got something to say. I killed your baby today and it doesn't matter much to me as long as it's dead" would be more topical though.

                • Jamie

                  I have to disagree. I think the concept of raping somebody's mother is more topical than killing a baby. A woman can fight back which make it a challenge. Baby's can't, so it is moot. KCACO!

      • Dan

        Thanks for that. Please enlighten us. What shirt should he have put on instead when he got out of bed that morning?

    • Mikey

      That's the biggest premi I've ever seen!!! Stay strong little man, you can do it!!!

      • N8orius

        I was just under 7 pounds when born and 6 weeks premi, have hearing loss and lung problems but none the less was a big premi, KCCO lil' guy! Heart and prayers go out to him and the family.

    • Guest

      He is a fighter and will make it! My baby girl was a premmie too. It is amazing how much love and support helps babies. Please let us know when he is out of the NICU and home.

    • mikey

      i feel bad saying it, but i agree that it was an odd way of trying to get on the chive. that being said, i had a preemie two weeks ago. it's been a wild few weeks!

    • Shinanigins

      I can feel for you as my nephew has been in the NICU for a few months and will hopefully be able to go home in a few weeks. Keep Calm and Chive On.

    • Mike

      8 years ago my daughter was born 3 months premature. She was 27 weeks 6 days when she was born. She weighed 1 pound 11.6 ounces and was about the size of a 20oz water bottle and all covered in fur. She spent 69 days in the NICU and when she finally hit 4 pounds they let us take her home. She is now a perfectly healthy 8 year old little girl. She is a little short compared to other 8 year olds, but her momma is short too.
      That baby looks VERY big for being a 2 months early, but barring any other medical problems, if my tiny little girl can make it, I have no doubts this little guy can.

    • Guest

      I was 10 weeks premature myself, no complications, was outta the hospital very quickly. My lil bro was 12 weeks premature and he had different issues, like a collapsed lung, among other things. He wears hearing-aids, but otherwise is as strong as an ox. He was in hospital for 3 months after he was born. This was in the 80s, too. They know so much more know and technology is so advanced, that I hope they'll be able to take care of your lil guy.
      Huggles to you and yours, and especially your nephew.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gil.solis.9 Gil Solis

      #30 Sending positive vibes from a new father.

  • Leo

    My prayers to u #30

  • etcrr

    #30 Keep Fighting lil guy KCCO! God Bless you and your parents.

    • N8orius

      First 3 posts go out to the little guy, and not a firsties D.

      KCCO to an awesome community and to the family of the the premature Chiver from a fellow preemy.

      • Lev

        We all love the fun/carefree stuff here, but the safety of a little dude rightfully takes priority. Blessings on the family.

  • Peter

    #16 Daft Punks clothing line..

  • etcrr

    #27 Death Wish 2012

    • eric

      Mini Heart attack moment

    • AgentOrange

      In reality at the moment I doubt this individual is still even alive…

    • foul83

      If this is real, you're an idiot.

  • GunnerX

    Can't stop laughing at #5.
    Shed a tear for #30 KCCO

    • Boomer Sooner

      How the hell is #5 an Olympic "sport", and yet they take Baseball out of the competition?

      • edslerson

        It does seem like a competition see who can looked the most mentally handicapped while swimming in goofy looking bathing suits

    • mikey

      shed a tear? why? he's battling and doing well. he didn't die. keep it going little man!

    • EDDIE


  • B Dub

    #11 Must have!!!
    #13 Seriously, come at me bro!

    • smallchinaman

      #13 Man it feels good to be a kangsta

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.dominguez.969 George Dominguez

    #21 "Shit…ok now to get up and play it off…."

    And KCCO to the little guy and his family in #30

  • tim

    #27 i would fall and die just trying to stand on the damn ledge

  • Dick Bearcat

    #5 – Cunt Punt

    • redsolocup


  • jasgat66

    #27 NO fucking way…. You have to be kidding????

  • morgan jasmine

    #30 kcco from seattle ❤ keep strong little chiver!

    • zgl

      another kcco from seattle 🙂

    • https://www.facebook.com/annawilliams1022 Anna Jenée Williams

      My prayers are with you and your family.

  • jasgat66

    #27 NO fucking way…. You have to be kidding…

    • streethockey

      way. some kid in Russia just died doing something similar.
      #30 Your guy should have what we call in Hebrew "a refuah shalaimah" (a full and complete recovery). Amen

  • Wet_tosti

    #25 thank you spiderman!

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Everybody gets one

    • Joel

      Everybody gets one, tell them. (Family Guy quote)

  • mz

    Keep strong #30

  • h3yblinkin

    #30 Keep Calm and Chive On. Your family is in our prayers.

  • John

    #30 be strong an keep fighting little man!! KCCO

  • Tiber_Septim

    #4 Congrats to you and the new family #30 Lots of patience and prayers keeping calm is the way to be

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #7 Sarah Jessica Parker really needs to have her teeth cleaned

    • MattKL

      Oh look, another Sarah Jessica Parker horse joke. How original.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        I know, but someone was going to say it eventually, it might as well have been me

  • Nanook

    #30 KCCO little guy, you have the best uncle ever!

    • Wisti

      Cute too 🙂 Just wanted to throw that out there since nobody else has <_<

  • MattKL

    #9 #18 Well played.

    • Kristen

      Oh, look…another "well played"…how original.

    • Question_Mark_

      #9 Balls of steel

    • caleb


  • Ha!

    #21 How low on the totem pole of life do you have to be to get pantsed by yourself?

  • Kunal Patel

    #5, quite an o-face you got there

  • Chester

    I prefer big round nippled blue vein saggers

  • http://thinkrandomness.blogspot.com beserker

    #11 is a serious must have of note!!!

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