Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Elia

    #5 Suddenly Butt Sex

  • Dan

    #4 Hey that's my b-day.

    • Woop

      Who's YOUR daddy?

  • http://www.facebook.com/toledo11 Matt Orosz

    Thug Life in Australia.
    2 Hop

    • FunKiller


  • kelowna chivette

    #30 praying for you and yours dude, stay strong and chive on!

  • Scoop it

    #15 GO FROGS!!!!!

  • exoTico_CH

    #30 keep strong mr. strong! greeez from Switzerland!

  • Cledus

    #30 you can do little guy… KCCO and my God lay his hands on you and make you strong.

  • MauiMark

    My Prayers go out to baby boy #30

  • Krista

    #30 way to go baby!! Hang in there!!! KCCO! You guys are in prayers as well!!

  • Buda B

    #30 You can do it Baby Chiver!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nikkiandblue Nikki Young

    #30 Welcome to the world! Be strong and chive on, little fella!

  • Derek

    #9 is hilarious

  • Theresia

    Thoughts and prayers #30

  • HoBo3267

    #30 i wish you all the best. kcco and stay strong little guy

  • pitaru

    #22 GTA level 9999999

  • cameldeep

    just woke up, thought i was in dream about reading shitty internet content, realised i was on the chive? wtf is going on its tuesday act like it?

  • cameldeep

    if i was ceo of chive hq there would be redundancies aplenty ….. dave – sorry mate but where goner have to let u go….. mac dont come back………yes alec big guy theres more bacon, beer what ever u need bro, sorry for anything

  • mrpko

    #30 – KCCO little guy! The CHIVE nation is pulling for you!

  • cameldeep

    did u get it?

  • cameldeep

    it was implying that alec didnt get made redundant hulk statues and all that

  • cameldeep

    hipsta aswell

  • cameldeep

    is that a blazer?

  • cameldeep

    i couldent possibly waer a blazer (not hulk statue's) manlet

  • cameldeep

    sounds ghay but ichy arseole? nohomo

  • cameldeep

    ever since the quacks fingered my fudge its been wavey

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