Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • loyalchivette27

    #30… KCCO lil guy! Awesome support system here and with your family!!! 🙂

  • plaidassassin

    well i was born about that early as well so things should work out for you guys (im pulling for you)

  • drbman

    #5 still should have won the bronze!

  • Anonymous

    prayers to the little nugget of joy. god only does for good, even if we can’t see that.

  • Jessi

    #12 not impressed, #30 keep fighting little man

    • thom


      "Thanks for the $6 Trillion in new debt, you ass-hat!"

  • https://www.facebook.com/don.franklin Don Franklin

    #30 C'mon little baby chiver, you'll miss too much so hang in there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.boatwright.777 Adam Boatwright

    #30 I had twins born premature in 2010, they're both doing great now. I know this little guy is gonna keep KCCO and be running circles around everyone before you know it.

  • averageguyfitness

    Milwaukee Chivers are praying for the little one #30.

  • Joel

    #4 A cure for morning sickness is for her to swallow the semen from the person who impregnated her. Sorry, just read this in off one of the science sites I visit, but I'm serious, that's what I read. According to the researcher, it is due to the body initially thinking that it is infected and trying to fight off the "foreign substance" but if she takes regular amounts, then the body sees it as normal and safe.

  • Lojack

    #4 – Hipster dude or creepy math teacher – can't tell.

  • https://www.facebook.com/wayne.oconnell.5 Wayne O'Connell

    #30 Keep fighting little angle 29 years ago i was told i wouldn't make it either. You got this.

  • Lojack

    #12 – has Obama even be photographed where he doesn't look like a complete poof?

    Oh, and parents – the whole 'baby with faux hawk' thing? You're about 8 years too late.

    • thats the fact

      worthless sack of shit always looks worthless.

      • Basaltman

        Why do you have demonstrate what an idiot you are on this website?

  • Grodon

    #30 KCCO. 2 months is nothing nowadays. Know lots of kids that were more premature than that.

  • Matt

    #30: A Chiver's prayers coming your way, friends.

  • Verniersight

    #30 you have my prayers, I've been there.

  • StuOwen

    #30 KCCO little one!! Prayers for you and the family. God bless.

  • sjd

    Hang tough little man! KCCO!

  • Sin

    #30…Dude I'm totally not crying I swear.

  • MohawkJon

    Oh Dianna I love you so much, but you and I could never work.
    Your just not fat enough for me… I'm sorry

  • Joe

    #9 didn't even blink!!

  • I-NeeD-$$

    #30 Hang in there little man. You got this. Keep Calm and one day at a time.

  • B11

    You can do it little guy. Stay strong. #30

  • BillSPreston

    #12 "Why did they give me to this asshole?"

  • rob

    ur in my prayers lil guy#30 god bless u an ur fam stay strong keep fightin an kcco

  • Pat

    #30 You can do it little chiver!

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