Foods that are both tempting and terrifying (20 Photos)

Gallery via Buzzfeed

Gallery via Buzzfeed

  • Kyle

    Umm I have #4 all the time.. Pretty damn tasty.

  • Kyle

    I meant #5^

  • Ian Fletcher
  • TheSimonizer

    #5 I do this sometimes for breakfast, but I add a slice of cheese. Egg+cheese+PB. taste great and is a great source of protein for the day.

  • waltgator

    #9 actually quite good

  • Vegan Hater

    #15 – vegan "honee"? -God damn you fucking idiot vegans, I hope you all burn in hell.

    • Thror

      Don't enslave the bees, Man!

  • melindu

    #16 sounds amazing… #18 sounds lethal

  • kimschim

    #7 Picklecicles 🙂

  • Zrock76


    This seems like something you would give to a kid that you just don't like. That just seems mean

  • fdubzou

    #8 #9 #11 #16

    Yes please. Where I can I get these?

  • anonymous

    No wonder america is so freeken FAT!! lol

  • Crazy_Jake

    Maybe #11 but everything else , YUCK

  • Shane

    #8 My first thought was "I would eat that shit".

  • adventurous_eater

    #10 looks the least terrifying and in fact quite appealing… GIVE IT TO ME NAO! lol i'd love to sit down and try each one of these.

  • Allen

    Banana spring rolls #14 are served at P.F. Chang's with banana/pineapple ice cream and caramel and vanilla sauces. F'ing awesome. Best desert on the menu.

  • Jody

    #11 actually looks tastie. The rest…not so much

  • Jables

    #8 i'm not a fan of macaroni and cheese but this doesn't sound quite as horrifying as the rest of the stuff on here and i also don't find #12 terrifying… i believe Pizza Hut (UK) did this for a limited time only, not quite as good looking and probably not as tasty as this but still pretty awesome… 🙂

  • supersport

    #3 #8 #9 #11 Yum!!!

  • Justin

    the "banana egg rolls", or banana lumpia as my family would call it tastes great. Put it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle some honey.

    Effin excellent.

  • Elise

    #16 looks amazing

  • Levi

    I have eggs and peanut butter for breakfast every morning. It's outstanding.

  • Sak

    #8 #16 Hells yes

  • Average Joe

    #11 #12 *drooooool*

  • SJay

    #14 you use the asian sweet banana. And while its still hot you put brown sugar on top so it'll give it an even sweeter kick. Its a dessert.

  • Daniel

    #3 #8 #9 YES, YES and YES

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